Bleeding after embryo transfer

Hi I am 9dp 5dt fresh cycle and started with some slight spotting yesterday which has since increased to light bleeding today along with the usual period pains. I have had sharp stabbing pains pretty much since transfer but they have gone now and I just have my usual period pain. I know my period is coming although it does usually come on heavy quicker than this, I'm guessing this might be due to the progesterone. I rang the hospital this morning and they have said to continue with progesterone and still do pregnancy test on Friday even if bleeding becomes heavy why do I need to do this even though I know it's a period coming? Thanks x

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  • Sometimes embies stick despite bleeding and sometimes they go ectopic, so you need to make 100% sure. Big hug.

  • Thank you. Period has come on heavier tonight so all hope now gone. Just got to wait for Friday to do the test and get the confirmation and find out what happens next x

  • Hi lollipop85. So sorry to read that you feel that your cycle has not been successful. However, early bleeding can occur for a variety of reasons, followed by a positive outcome. I know it will seem like an age to wait until Friday to test, but do keep up with the progesterone, and drink plenty of water until then. Obviously, I hope all turns out OK for you. Diane

  • Thanks Diane I have carried on with everything like I would have if period hadn't come. Do my test tomorrow and then can hopefully move on from it all x

  • Hi lollipop85. Thinking of you. Diane

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