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Might need laparoscopy

Saw fertility consultant to discuss next ivf cycle after miscarriage.

I said the miscarriage is not over, as 6 weeks later still testing strong positive and hcg rose then fell then rose, and I've had 3 scans but nothing was found in my uterus.

Progesterone and hcg too low for viable pregnancy. Would be 12 weeks pregnant by now.

He advised that this time I need a scan and surgical intervention; laparoscopy to check for ectopic, and a scrape if nothing found, and I need to be assertive about getting the intervention.

Scared. Brought scan forwards at EPU to Friday.

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Hi jray19. Oh dear! You certainly are having a tough time of it all! By now – hopefully, you will have got to the bottom of what has happened, so all can be sorted and you can move forward with all of this. Try not to worry about having a D & C (scrape), as it will give you a nice fresh “drawing board” to work from. I will be thinking of you and good luck with it all. Diane



I'm in hospital now waiting for laparoscopy surgery.

They scanned and found a suspected ectopic pregnancy in a rare location- the 'pouch of douglas'- a space in the abdomen behind the uterus and in front of the bowel.

Looking forward to it being over and somewhat reassured that I am being seen to finally.


Hi jray19. Oh my goodness! In 19yrs I've only come across an ectopic in the Pouch of Douglas once before! Well soon to be got rid of and you're back home. An awful experience for you, as although very early on, it was still your little pregnancy. I do hope all goes well with the op and you won't be too sore afterwards. Will be thinking of you. Diane

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I'm home recovering post laparoscopy. They found an ectopic leaking blood in my left tube, and extensive internal blood in my abdomen, (including pouch of douglas), and a cyst in my left ovary...

They removed it all. I am sore, but relieved.

It took what would have been the 12th week of pregnancy to find it.

Considering I've been bleeding for 7 weeks with slow rising hcg, mild abdominal discomfort/ bloating, and a strong intuition something was wrong, it is a good job I trusted this and kept going back for scans/ kept urine testing sooner than they advised.

I had part of my left tube removed and have a 3 month wait until trying again to get pregnant. I have 2 NHS ivf cycles left by next September when my age dictates that the funding stops.

Right now however, I am grateful and relieved, and have learnt that my gut instinct in life has never let me down.


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