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Injections are a real tear jerker!!

I've had 3 days on my medication and I must say, I have had a few teary moments over the weekend. Other than that I seem to be ok, although I can sense things are changing inside, or maybe that's me! Just when I could do with a glass of wine to ease the feelings!

A few times I've said, can I really do all this on my own and I've come to the conclusion I'm going to let nature decide for me and that seems to be my coping strategy.

Of course, I would so love to have a baby (a family of my own) its just everything else and what being pregnant brings that scares me x

I've opted to have 3 cycle tries but I was only sent 1 trigger pen injection, should I of received another 2? I've also got 2 of the Gonar red injection pens and 20 of the other injections, that doesn't sound enough to me? x

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Hi there,

They usually just give you the amount for one cycle at a time & hopefully you may not need all three. It's better to get a fresh batch for each so not storing for too long.

Just contact your clinic if you're not sure. Make sure they are stored in the fridge too.

Best wishes, xxx

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Thank you!!

Yes all my medication, apart from the capsules are in the fridge - next to the eggs and yoghurt!!

The delivery charge was about £60 I seem to remember but I guess it is sent stored in refrigerated conditions! x


Hey Hun, They will give u more medicine at ur stims scans if u need it, so don't worry bout that :)

We all get teary I was a crazy person, we'll still am tbh lol ur allowed to get upset it's a lot to deal with and personally I think it's better to let it all out!! Release the stress don't try to fight it

I must admit I find myself obsessing about the getting pregnant... it's only now and again I think about the possibility of "being pregnant"😳😬 cause man that is a very scary thought so I'm with ya!!

This just the beginning ☺️

Good luck 🍀😘


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Thank you lady boss!

I guess it's worrying about being pregnant and for me giving birth scares me but after all that - that's what a long for! But I can't have one without the other so, like you we are working our way through it all.

Good luck to you too x


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