What sizes of follicles are considered 'too mature' to trigger on IVF long protocol? (They only said 18mm+ but never said what's too much?!)

Help please! I'm panicking today cos I'm due to do my last stim injection tonight, before tomorrow's last scan (potentially) to know if I can do the trigger shot tomorrow evening.

According to my own calculation at home, I had a majority of 7 to 8mm follicles at 1st Progress Scan on Wednesday, and at my 2nd Scan on Friday (exactly 2 days later), the majority size became 12 to 13mm. So the average growth was 5mm in 2 days.

I was too slow to do this calculation myself, and just walked home with the instructions of continuing 300 iu of Menopur throught the weekend for another 3 days of stim.

I'm panicking now because if the follicles continue to grow at the same speed, by the time I do the final scan tomorrow, most of them (10 out of 13) might become over 20-21mm, if I give myself another 300 iu tonight (Sunday night). (I had 2 x 10mm, 1 x 11mm, 4 x 12mm, 5 x 13mm, and 1 x 14mm.)

I'm debating if I should call the emergency number to trouble the duty nurse today on Sunday to ask the question... *_*

Can the eggs become 'too mature' to be triggered tomorrow night? My potential ER is Wednesday...

Any sharing of experience will be much appreciated!


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  • the clinic scanned you and told you how many more injections you'll need. One of my follies measured 22. Turns out there were 2 eggs in there! Your trigger is what "ripens" them. So I'd be very surprised if they were too big. Can you call tomorrow?

  • Wow... 2 eggs in one Filmgirl101! I guess if they worry about over maturing, they will let me know... I went ahead and did my Menopour as usual tonight (without calling the nurse) and prayed all will be OK. I'm going in tomorrow early morning for potentially the final scan... At least they are open on bank holiday tomorrow and didn't leave me unmonitored for 4 days of stimmss but only 3 days... :) Xx

  • Hi jenjen40. Only just read your post as I was off on Bank Holiday Monday. just hoping that all went well with your scan and you are now scheduled for egg collection. Good luck! Diane

  • Hi Diane, thank you for the message :) All went very well - done my final scan this morning, trigger tonight and collection on Friday! :))

  • Hi jenjen40. Hope all went well with egg collection last Friday. Diane

  • Try not to worry... your clinic have worked it out. It's not as simple as 5mm growth each time. I had follicles that ranged from 14mm to 22mm that were used. Good luck. X

  • You're right Kat9lives... My follicles actually SLOWED way down for 2 days (my DH said they were taking a break on Bank Holiday!!), so they had to let me do an extra 2 days of stim. Then after those extra 2 days, on today's final scan, they grew so quickly in both number and sizes - found extra 9 of them being matured (from 13 measured growing ones to 22 of them!!!) with 21, 20, some 19s, 18s, 17s, 16s, and a few between 12-14... So I'm from a low risk of OSHH to a higher risk one, and being put on Cabergoline now until transfer...

  • Fingers crossed for Friday lovely! Xx

  • Thank you Kat9lives ;) xxx

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