Are the ivf injections meant to hurt?

This is probably a ridiculous question, but I did my first injection last night and it didn't hurt at all, I couldn't even feel the needle go in, and now I'm really worried I've done it wrong!

It clicked down but I have a two dose injection pen so it was really hard for me to see if it had worked or not.

Has that happened to anyone else? They can't feel the injection?

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  • Hi, when I did the injections for IUI it was a little sore but not much. It first hurt when it initially broke the skin so not sure if it’s different for ivf. My tummy was just sore after. Hope this helps x

  • Some hurt and some don't. I think my stimms ones didn't. But I'm on blood thinners now and they sting. If you pushed the syringe down to the end you'll have your full dose. Try not to worry. With each day you'lll feel more secure. Soon you'll be a pro! Good luck!

  • The stims don't really hurt, the needle is so fine that same as you, I didn't feel it go in (apart from once when I was running out of belly so I went in the centre under my belly button - never again!). Just sometimes the liquid going in bothered me a bit, but not always. If you're adding cetrotide you may feel that one a bit more, as the liquid stings a bit. Xx

  • Mine didn't hurt at all hun... a slight itch now and again but that was it. Think my little extra tummy roll helped in this situation 😅 xxx

  • Thank you everyone! I did push it all the way down, and I felt like a cold feeling about 10 minutes later below where I injected so I'm assuming that's ok. I just started stressing a bit because I didn't even feel it but it must just be the small needle

  • The needle is so thin that if you stab the needle in hickory it doesn’t hurt at all. If you do it gingerly it can hurt a bit so keep on doing as you’re doing xx well done! X

  • My stims didn't hurt either so don't worry. Best of luck x

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