Injections, stress, acupuncture?

Morning all. I had my baseline scan on Thursday after 2 weeks of burserelin / suprecur and started gonal f the same day. Next scan is booked for Tuesday and then hopefully again on Friday. I'm not finding the me injections too bad but are leaving marks and bruises.

Anyway, I've been given a new project to manage at work and it's getting really stressful, I'm working long days and weekends etc, and I don't want it to ruin all our hard work. I've thought about going for acupuncture, has anyone tried it?! I'd love to get some feedback. Thanks all 🍀

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  • This is our first cycle of IVF and I started acupuncture the day before starting my injections and I love it! I'm feel much more relaxed and don't seem to have suffered with many side effects either. I had 7 sessions before ET but whether it will help with the infertility only time will tell!

    Good luck to you xx

  • Hello Kateamelia,

    I had acupuncture during our cycle. I read it can increase your chances of it working by up to 65%! I have no idea whether it made the difference for us or not but I did enjoy the sessions and often became so relaxed I would fall asleep during them. I went throughout my cycle but I was advised the most important time was just before and after egg transfer. If you do go, I would try to find someone who specialises in fertility and make sure they are reputable.

    Good luck! x

  • Hi Kateamelia. Spooky I have scans booked for tue and fri too! I haven't had acupuncture but have been having reflexology and I find it really helps me to relax. I have also been doing yoga, body balance and pilates which helps me to relax and stay positive xxx Good luck to you xx

  • Hi, i have been through 1 full icsi cycle and a frozen embryo transfer but both unsuccessful sadly. Before my frozen embryo transfer i started having hypnotherapy sessions to help me relax and keep as calm as possible before treatment. I did find this helped but have heard that acupuncture can help to. I myself am thinking about acupuncture or reflexology before my next cycle to see if they help.

  • Hello! I start my injections the week after next, and have recently started having Reflexology (acupuncture didn't appeal to me). My reflexologist advised me that acupuncture and reflexology both work on the same principles and use the same 'meridians' of the body, you can also find reflexologists who specialise in fertility. I'm not sure if I totally believe Reflexology is going to get me prego but I do think what's the harm - it felt amazing and I fell asleep when I got home I was so relaxed! So it's not doing any harm that's one thing for sure! It was really lovely and soothing. Do whatever relaxes you and makes you feel good, maybe try both and see what you prefer. If you can't treat yourself now, when can you! x

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