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Acupuncture effects


Hope you're all well and enjoying the sunshine. At least we can top up our vitamin d. Since Saturday I've had the feeling of a full uterus. On Saturday it was really intense and it felt as though it was stretching. Since then, I've felt as though af is on her way (sort of crampy with a few twinges) but I'm only on day 19 of my cycle. I had acupuncture on Saturday morning so am wondering if this is a result of that. It's the first time I've felt like this though since starting acupuncture. I'm supposed to start down-regging on Friday and am now a bit worried something is wrong. Has anyone else felt like this after acupuncture? Can I just put it down to that?


Vic x

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A lot of people on here seem to be having acupuncture, what's it meant to help with? I had it for a bad back once and they had to take all the needles out after 2 mins I found it unbearable like I was being tickled non stop.


I wanted it after our first failed cycle just to help get my body back on track naturally. I really enjoy it and find it hugely relaxing. I am more relaxed in the week. I've definitely noticed that really stressful situations don't make me feel as frustrated or worried any more. He is also trying to improve my circulation. He thinks that could be a contributing factor. I.e. That the blood is not flowing to my uterus properly so I am a cold environment. Not sure about that but I love it on a Saturday morning so keep going with it. x

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Cool I use hypnosis via an app by Glen Harold various types you can get - im using fears and phobias at the mo to rid me of my needle fears before all that starts lol it works though made me quit smoking years ago!


That's good. I've heard that hypnosis can be really beneficial. If it really works for you, you could try acupuncture after perhaps. 😉 x


i don't think I've experienced that after acupuncture but I'd ring your guy and ask.im on a new obsession now with reflexology and I sometimes feel weird stuff after that so it is possible xxx


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