Acupuncture thoughts?

Has anyone ever tried acupuncture specifically for fertility and found any benefits from it?

I'm currently considering whether to give it a go. Have found a local well established practitioner who is also a trained midwife and feel that it may be worth a try. The price is affordable for me for a few sessions.

I've been ttc for 18 months.

(On a side note, currently having all the PMS symptoms under the sun and so feeling a bit down waiting for af to show her ugly face).

All tests so far have come back fine. The only one I'm waiting for is hycosy to check my tubes.

I'm hoping this will be fine and if it is this would mean that we have unexplained infertility. (Of course it may not be and therefore I know my choices would be more limited).

If unexplained I'm therefore not sure when to consider going for fertility treatments (particularly because it is not funded where I live) and therefore wondering whether acupuncture is something to try whilst saving up funds.

If anyone has any stories positive or negative, I'd love to hear.


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  • Hi there yes I've been having acupuncture and got a BFP last week. I find it really helps with relaxing. My husband was so surprised when I wasn't worried about EC at all, and I think acupuncture was to thank for that.

    For me, I just felt like it's something within my control which I can do to help. If you can find one which specialises in Fertility I think that is better. I ended up changing to a specialist and so much better.

    Good luck whatever you decide!! Xx

  • Congrats on your BFP! That's lovely to hear.

    Thanks for sharing your experience. The point about having something you can control makes a lot of sense.

  • Hi:

    I started acupuncture late on in my second cycle and continued until now my FET. My acupuncturist specialises in fertility, I had a chemical pregnancy and I can't say if I think acupuncture has helped but I love going there's something relaxing for me about it.

    I think it's a personal decision my partner thinks it's just a placebo effect but he's happy that it relaxes me and destresses. X

  • I've been having it for just over a month and I feel so much better this cycle. I'm sure there are various things that are contributing but I'm certain the acupuncture is a big factor. Last time I got 5 eggs and got to day 3 transfer 2 put back and none to freeze. This time I got 11 eggs, had a 5 day transfer yesterday and 2 in the freezer.

    I feel so much happier and relaxed and feel really positive. I'd say definitely do it. One thing they recommend is having it right before transfer and then after too (so two sessions in one day) as it's meant to greatly increase the chances of it working. I did that yesterday so now everything is in mother natures hands. Best of luck! I also HIGHLY recommend the mindful ivf app for relaxing

  • I have acupuncture, also been trying about 18 months so just had a laparoscopy (I have PCO and endo and partner has low sperm count and motility issues)...

    I have acupuncture when I can, mainly for relaxation purposes for now but also so I’m used to it for when we start ivf (or any other treatments) as the first couple of sessions I felt really poorly afterwards so wanted to be prepared xx good luck!! xx

  • Thank you for your reply.

    All the best of luck to you too! Xx

  • Hi, I had acupuncture with a fertility specialist for my first fresh cycle and really, really enjoyed it. I got a negative result but I found it so relaxing during the process. When I look back, I actually feel quite proud about how chilled I was through that cycle, when it was all new and very daunting and I think the acupunture contributed. Even the act of going into an empty room and lying down for the best part of an hour was great. The needles themselves really seemed to relax me too. I didn't carry on for my subsequent cycles because of the cost but I also found the frozen cycle a bit less anxiety-inducing. The only thing I'd say is that I think it defeats the point if you have to travel far and it ends up being tiring and stressful to fit appointments in. If you can afford it, I'd give it a go if only for relaxation purposes....

  • Thanks for your reply. It's good to hear you found some benefit. The place I've found is nice and close to me which is great but that's a good point to make so thank you.


  • I’ve been having acupuncture for the last year and my acupuncturist has managed to move my ovulation date from day 10 to day 13/14. I was told that all parts of my cycle need to be ‘right’ to help with the embryos implanting when they went back. She also helped strengthen my ‘pulses’ (still don’t quite understand that part of it). I can’t say found it relaxing in an initial level, but maybe it did help with that. But definitely saw an improvement in my cycle in terms of stability (temperature charting evidenced this) and with ovulation date. She also said she could help thicken the lining of my womb. Was a bit disappointed that my clinic seemed dismissive of the work she was doing.... made me feel like I had sated time. But felt I agreed with my acupuncturist in that I had to get everything in the right place before trying again.... just hadn’t envisaged it taking so long! Had 2 embryos transferred on Friday..... so hope a year of preparation (after three failed cycles) works!

    Hope this helps and keeping everything crossed for you xxxx

  • Thanks for your reply!

    All the very best of luck to you! Xx

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