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What about clomid ?

We start ISCI cycle in March and we end up with BFN 😔😔😔 I want to start new cycle in July ...I though my hubby is on the same page but he decide to wait couple months ... He didn't want to talk about any of those things ... That was even harder for me because I all ready felt like failure when I find out that my both tubes r block and I need to go thru laparoscopy and after operation to remove my right tube .We finally "had"...talking how I feel and what we doing next ? Look like is not going to be any sooner 😔😔 if I'm gonna be lucky first from couple months waiting now look like is not going to be sooner ...he thinking maybe end of this year 😔😔 I don't want to sound like I'm desperate ...but I'm 35 time going so fast ...is now 3 years since we start trying ... I got only one tube left which can take very long time ... Well I thought if that his decision then in "waiting "...time I'm gonna try clomid ? Is any of u ladies try Clomid ?

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I'm so sorry to hear about your BFN first time round. I sympathise with what your going through at the moment particularly with your husband asking to wait. My OH was the same and thought we could get pregnant naturally if we just kept trying!! Even though the consultant had advised IVF was our best possible solution.

We've been trying for 4 years and have been through 2 laparoscopy and hysterescopys to find out my tubes are kinked and my ovaries are slow releasing. Due to my cycle varying from 28-56 days the Dr has put me on clomid twice in the past two years with negative consequences both times.

Each person reacts differently to Clomid and fingers crossed it would work really well with you. I personally found it horrible to be on- I had lots of mid cycle stomach cramps and severe period pains that resulted in me going to A and E one night because I just couldn't manage the pain.

I really don't want scare you or put you off and I've always said its worth trying anything once so if I was you I'd definitely give it a go.

Good luck and I'm sure the time will fly before you start your next round. Xx


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