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1st Cycle of clomid

Hi to all of you lovely ladies.

After three years of trying to conceive naturally, Two heartbreaking miscarriages and one diagnostic laparoscopy, I have mild Endometriosis. My infertility specialist has suggested that I try clomid. I am starting with the lowest dose. If this doesn't work we shall be going for IVF via nhs . Has anyone here had any success with clomid ? I have an appointment with my specialist in about 5 months time and guessing this will give the clomid drugs a chance.. If clomid doesn't work for us does anyone know roughly how long it would take to actually start IVF once my specialist puts our name forward . We are in Colchester Essex ? I hope you are all having a lovely day and I'm sending you all lots of baby dust. XXXX

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Hi wizzleandmolly sorry to hear of your losses me & my partner have been TTC for just over 4yrs now and we were reffered for IVF under the NHS in Feb 2014 & me & my partner were about to start treatment 3rd of Jan just gone but unfortunately routine scan before you start treatment showed the lining of my womb was thicker than they would like to begin treatment & now we have to wait upto 6 weeks for a hysterscopy even though we have had one 2 years ago , really put a downer on us after waiting so long just to begin treatment but i would rather them be thorough than chance us losing another , it does vary at different hospitals ect i really hope clomid works for you wishing you lots of luck ! Xxx


I'm starting my first round of Clomid tonight- let me know if you need a Clomid buddy. Xx


Hi, my understanding is that Letrozole/Femara is a more useful drug than Clomid for endo sufferers, for its estrogen inhibiting factors. Is it worth a conversation with your Dr as to the pros and cons of this? It maybe that Clomid's considered better but certainly worth asking for your particular case. Good luck.


Sorry to hear you have had such a difficult fertility journey. I'm on round 6 of Clomid. It's my final round. I'm based in Chelmsford & the CCG have cut all IVF funding so we will have to go private. This decision was made last September. Do you know if you're eligible for funding? There are lots of fantastic Clomid success stories so you may not even need IVF but I like to be prepared for every eventuality! If you call your CCG they will have someone there who can talk you through both NHS & Private IVF clinics & can give you info on their success rates & how long the process will take. Private is usually quicker but some NHS clinics can do it relatively quickly.

Good luck with the Clomid! Xx


Hi, I'm on round 3 of 6 on

Clomid. The benefit for me is I have ovulated every month so far, but have not caught an egg. The next process for us is either IUI or IVF. I have not ovulated for years so step in the right direction. Unfortunately I have had many side effects, but still able to work, although it has been hard at times.

I'm not sure about Essex, but here in Devon, you get one round of IVF on the NHS. It's definitely a post code lottery. Some areas you get 6! Good luck with clomid. I have been told it's a 60% chance success rate, and some people fall in the first month.x


Hi Ladies . thank you all for your lovely messages. I'll reply properly soon as mega busy at the moment ... :-) XXX


Hi All. Once again thanks for your messages and sorry my lack of response, my husband and I are having lots of work done on our house at the moment so pretty occupied with having a paint brush in my hand :-) .

I am now about to start my second cycle on Clomid . With my first cycle I had a few follicle scans and Clomid seems to be working well. Just need a miracle to happen now . How are you lovely ladies getting on?



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