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Anyone taking fragmin?

I've been told to inject Fragmin every day up to 12 weeks to 'thin my blood'. When I asked why, the nurse said because of my early miscarriage three yrs ago. Im injecting every day but bit reluctant to take this as surely my uterus lining needs thickening to support the two embryos? She didnt seem to think my blood was particularly sticky! On some medical websites it says Fragmin shouldn't be taken in pregnancy but my hosp says I should just as a precaution. Unsure what's best.

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Hi I had fragmin injections on my past cycle, they seem pretty keen on thinning blood to improve supply to the area - next cycle I'll be on fragmin again plus steroids and a hormone tablet which thins blood. Good luck with the injections they sting but get better the more you do them xx


Thank you for your info rainbow n angels. I'll keep taking the meds, which now include antibiotics 4 times a day after spending 3hrs in A&E with v painful urine infection following ET :-( Never had cystitis before, never want it again. In bed now xx


I've not needed this type of meds but read about them and my understanding is that they are used for people who either have alone clotting issues, sticky blood or suspected blood supply issues to the womb, and as rainbowbreeze80 said, can thin the blood improving blood supply to the whole pelvic area inc your embryos in order to help prevent miscarriage. Many ladies get put on mini asprin for similar issues I believe.

Wishing you the very best of luck xx

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