Can embryo transfer get cancelled??

Had a really positive week, EC went well yesterday with 15 eggs and had the phone call this morning to say we've got 9 eggs fertilised which I'm over the moon at. But... I have got fluid in my ovaries and although I've been told I'm fine for ET on Sunday could they cancel on the day if the amount of fluid worsens?? I feel fine with no symptoms of OHSS other than the fluid but I forgot ask the question this morning. Has anyone been through a similar experience. xx

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  • Hi, it sounds like they are confident that transfer will go ahead. I believe some fluid is normal and if you do not have any other symptoms of OHSS they will probably not be too worried. I know on our first go, I had a lot of pain the morning my transfer was due so they scanned me beforehand which showed some fluid but as I had no other symptoms, it was felt that it was fine to go ahead with transfer.

    Good luck x

  • Hiya hun wot is it that's stopping you fall pregnant? Ive got blocked tubes and am waiting on my 3 transfer starting I've been pulled in a few times coz have found fuild if it's bad I need to get my tubes removed but if find scan OK then u will be fine if find some they mite not am not trying to upset you in any way saying this hun doctor told me in a easy way of saying it if they put egg back and there is fuild then it won't or find it hard to stick to wall I really hope everything goes well and u get ur wee miracle xxxxx

  • Thank you for your honesty,. My Fallopian tubes are kinked and my ovaries are slow releasing. my cycle is also very irregular from 28-56 days meaning I don't know when I'm ovulating. All very frustrating as I'm sure you find it! Good luck to you xxx

  • Awww no wonder u get frustrated hun I hope I didn't upset you with wot I said just rather let u no wot I've been told about my fuild not long till Sunday now wish u all the luck πŸ€ xxxxxx

  • Hello, I had 20 follicles and 13 eggs and some fluid around my ovaries. I had to go in for a scam between collection and transfer. I was convinced that it was going to be cancelled as my stomach was pretty bloated and sore after EC but it turned out that it was just down to bruising from the procedure. In the end everything went ahead as planned so, I know it's easier said than done, but try not to worry! It sounds like they are pretty happy with the amount of fluid and I expect it will go,ahead but it is better to be aware of the risks in advance so nothing comes as a shock!

    If they did cancel they would just freeze your embryos and rearrange transfer in a few months once everything had calmed down. Not ideal, as you're all geared up to go but, you obviously want everything to be right when you have the transfer.

    Best of luck for Sunday (it's very surreal!) x

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