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I was just wondering if anyone suffers from anxiety? I stopped taking my medication just before I started my buserelin injections as I wasn't sure if I should still take them. I have been to a wedding today and had to leave early due to feeling unwell and feeling quiet panicked for no reason what's so ever.

Would be grateful to here if anyone else is in the same boat, or anyone with any advice.

Thanks in advance Xx

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Hi there,

Sorry to hear this. Did you ask your clinic whether you had to stop taking the medication?

I think it depends what sort you're on but your GP should know the safest ones that can be used. It may just be a case of changing prescription. It can't be advisable to come straight off them without phasing it out. No wonder you had a bad reaction. My friend was on anti-anxiety pills for years and she had to phase out the withdrawal gradually.

If it was me I would make an app with your GP asap to discuss options, and you could phone your IVF clinic tomorrow to get their advice, they will have had this question many times before. Take it easy today and speak to your partner or friends if you feel anxious. Best wishes, xxx

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Hi smallcat,

Thank you for responding.

I did speak to my clinic but they were unsure. I will contact my gp tomorrow to discuss my medication. I feel really silly now that I have just come straight off them. My husband is amazing when it comes to my anxiety, he always makes me feel better. It just makes me feel awful when we are at social events I always have to leave.

Thanks again!


What do you take? I was slowly weaned off citolopram. Be careful stopping them cold turkey as the consequences can be quite severe! Call your gp, but you may need something in place as an alternative. A friend of mine was on antidepressants/anxiety drugs throughout all 3 of her pregnancies. So it depends on a lot of factors.



I'm taking bedranol at the moment and take the occasional diazepam when I'm having a really bad day. I will be going to my gp as soon as I can as its really stressing me out.

Thank you for your reply.



My GP prescribed Fluoxetine after my first round of treatment and bfn and said that this is ok during pregnancy. I'd been on different medication before for anxiety and I was told Citalapram was also fine. The others are right you should be weaned off. Although I feel well presently I've stayed on the medication during treatment as I don't want a relapse plus treatment is emotionally draining.

Best to talk to your GP and clinic.

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Thank you I will speak to my gp regarding the medication. Thank you so much for your advice, it means a lot. Xx


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