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Correct amount of medication?

I'm a geek and love to be organised so I've just added my stimm drugs to the down reg drugs I've been taking and counted how many days I've got left and I only have enough Menopur to take me to 2 days before planned EC. Is this right? Am I correct in thinking that I will take usual injections on Monday 17th and in the evening take my HcG injection and no injections on the Tuesday for EC first thing Wed 19th? X

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That sounds right to me. You don't take any stims the two nights before EC. You will be given a trigger shot to take 36 hours before EC (so two nights before). I didn't take any meds he day before EC at all.

Good luck! x

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I've not been on Menopur but I agree with Hopeful1982. I'm going in for EC today and I had my trigger shot Wednesday night and nothing since then.

Please don't worry but it's good to be organised. :)

Wishing you all the best for your cycle xx

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