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DHEA - anyone told to try this?


I went for my pre-treatment scan today and was told that I have a low count of follicles (less than 10) and she suggested for me to go on DHEA as the consultant may tell me to go on this when we have our appointment in a few weeks and will need to be on it for 3 months before they will do anything else!

Has anyone else been told the same thing? Anyone used it and it actually made a difference?

I am just a bit confused as the problem we have always been told is with hubbies sperm and now I have been told it's me too!

Any help or advice is much appreciated 😊

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What is DHCA?


Yes, I took 75 mg (25 every 8 hours). I'm a nonresponder to drugs. Usually I had no more than 2 follicles despite being on the maximum drug dose. This last round I took DHEA and baby asprin. I had 6/7 follicles! (1 was wonky) the side effects aren't fun, but it worked really well for me. I had to take it 6-8 weeks leading up to egg collection...

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Hi do you mind sharing your side effects? I was advised to take it but when I did some research the side effects sounded horrendous and opted against it. I'm doing one more cycle and I'm confused about it...

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hi yes i took them too and they do help apaprently. i took them for three months x


I took it for 3 months and though it made my hair thin and I put on a bit of weight, I truly believe that it helped boost the quality of the limited eggs I produced. I'm currently pregnant with twins and so pleased I persevered x


The side effects are what are concerning me too...especially as there is no definitive proof that it actually works I am sceptical about the actual need to take it!

So any advice for those that have will be more than appreciated 😊


I did put on a bit of weight unlike previous treatments where I struggled to keep the weight on. My hair did thin a bit, but already annoying short hairs sprouting everywhere. My blood pressure is usually super low, it raised a bit. My hubby says I was grumpy like PMT the whole time. I did 7 rounds without DHEA and the most follicles I ever got waa 2, which I frequently make anyway. Round 8 I got 6 perfect follicles and one 1 wonky one, so I can definitely say we saw a difference! My doctor wanted to know who's ovaries I borrowed! Because when you get no results 7 times with over the recommended max dose of drugs and suddenly get something, makes me wonder. But the side effects do stink!


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