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Hi everyone, found out last week my first IVF cycle failed, negative result on my test day then got my period a few days later. I am just wondering now how soon will I be allowed to try again? Have a follow up appointment with the clinic but not for a couple of weeks! No frozen embryos from this cycle either, so will need to do the whole thing again :( also, I was put on a very low dose of meds this time around as my AMH was very high, but only got 1 embryo in the end so wondering if anyone has a similar experience where they increased the dosages for your second round?

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  • i think they say to wait for 3 months with fresh cycles, im having frozen so could carry on from my next period after an unsucesfull frozen transfer x

    its more so your body can get back to normal x

  • Thanks samrakkar x

  • I had the amae thing. I'm currently going through my second cycle and they gave me high dosage this time

  • Thanks justus1 x

  • My dosage went from 225 to 450 to 600 units of Gonal f! Also DHEA and baby asprin, because despite good blood tests and scans, I don't respond to drugs at all. It's all a learning curve as to how you respond to the drugs.

  • I was just on 125 for this round, really low it seems compared to others! hopefully my consultant will suggest increasing then for the next round.

  • I was on 300 and for this cycle was on 450 on Gonal F.

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