2nd ICSI cycle, same terrible outcome. What next?

Hi all,

I am looking for some advice as I feel like our clinic is unable to pinpoint what is wrong with us. I have PCOS and my husband has low sperm count so our only option, after 4 years of TTC and no BFP, was IVF with ICSI (or so we thought...)

First cycle last July resulted in the collection of 62 eggs (yes you read this right) but none but, to cut a long story short, despite a 50% fertilisation rate, only one made it to blastocyst (B/C grade) ready for transfer. It resulted in a BFN...

Second cycle (now) resulted in the collection of 32 eggs but yet again, despite 24 being fertilised, 7 made it to day 4 (2 pre-morula and 5 8-cell embryos) and we transferred the best one of the lot, hoping that the others would continue to develop and become eligible for freezing. Transfer happened on Friday and I received a phone call on Monday saying that none of the others made it...AGAIN!!!

So here I am, in the 2ww wondering whether there is any hope whatsoever for the one they transferred back. I mean, I know I should remain positive but, the outcome of so many eggs makes it difficult not to feel hopeless. Maybe it will be the 1/94 egg that survives but the odds are clearly against us...AGAIN!!!

So my question is, is there anybody here who knows of a clinic with good outcomes for PCOS patients? Is there anyone who managed to get a BFP despite losing all the other embryos? Is there anyone who can just have a kind word of encouragement or a success story to share that will give me the strength to keep on believing?

Thank you all for your support, it means a lot xxx

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  • What dosage are they starting/keeping you on?

    I haven't got pcos, but I know people are prone to producing lots of follicles and therefore you should be on a low dosage and they should aim for quality and not quantity.

    I can't imagine how you feel after that many being collected over the rounds, but I hope that this is your time X

  • Unfortunately with my AMH levels up the roof, despite lowering the gonal f, I still ended up with sky high estrogen levels and far too many eggs... I read somewhere lupron might help so I guess I will have to look into it for th next cycle.

  • So frustrating, but I really hope you don't need a next cycle for a year or two x

  • Sending you a big good luck hug xx

  • I haven't got PCOS but found the lack of explanations for failed rounds very frustrating, there is so much they don't know. Unfortunately success rates aren't great but of course we all go into treatment hoping we'll be the lucky ones. We had ICSI due to poor sperm quality and my age (over 40) probably didn't help even though AMH was good for my age.

    Diana the nurse has a list of questions that might be worth emailing her for a copy. Has your clinic suggested a different protocol to try to produce fewer but better quality eggs?

    Good luck.

  • Too right!! I can't believe they are not better at explaining things. No one takes the blame, they all shrug shoulders and just wish me a half-hearted good luck. I do feel very angry at the way they deal with failure. It's like, as soon as it is out of their expertise, they give up on you instead of saying, well let me look into this and come up with a plan for next time. I was actually told to carry out my own research as they did not do any themselves! Unbelievable!!

  • were you on the drug Metformin? I am having this for my next round but it is given for people with PCOS?

  • Hi, I have been on Metformin for the last 2 1/2 years and they increased from 1000 a day to 1500 a day a couple of months ago. I am not sure if that makes a difference to be honest, other than I lose a lot of hair! So frustrating...

  • ah ok, i had never heard of this drug before I dont have PCOS but they want to try me on it from my chemical pregnancy last month as studies have shown it can help even if you dont have PCOS. I will be taking 2x 850mg a day up to blood test.

    not looking forward to loosing hair though! heard its not great for side effects. xx

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