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Metal detector


This is a bit of a weird one, since I'm facing going into ivf treatment I thought I'd ask your opions before I start a war at work.

We have a metal detector at work that we have for security measures ( theft of high value goods). We have to walk through it at least twice a day .

Now when they implemented them they stated that if you were pregnant you weren't to go through them.

My thoughts are now that when I start going through ivf treatment and treating my body as a temple not drinking alcohol , eating right foods ect should I be walking through the metal detectors ?

I think in my head I certainly think not after egg transfer?

Or am I been over sensitive?

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I would go with your gut instinct. I think after embryo transfer,treat your body as though it is pregnant. 💗Knowing you done all you can to give yourself the best chance of ivf working 👍You don't want to be left with the "what ifs", you're not being silly. I'd be the same 😊 Good luck with the 2ww. I hope it doesn't drag too much. Wishing you a BFP at the end of it all 🙏🍀😍💗🍼X


Yeah that's what I was thinking if it doesn't work and I don't day something and still walk through them scanners I will be blaming that.

How's your treatment going seen the pst about your op. Are u just trying naturally for a bit or still going for IVF?

Good luck with your journey and sending you loads of baby dust x


Hello, I agree once u've had the transfer I'd treat my body as if it was pregnant so I wouldn't be comfortable going through the metal detector either if they say you shouldn't if pregnant. Goodluck with your ivf journey xx

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Thank you e81hopefull gives me more confidence in aproaching work about this knowing people think the same way. they have been good so far with time off and stuff.

Good luck with your journey x


Thanks :-) and that's great they have been good so far sounds like they will be very supportive which is what you need xx


Legally you are pregnant after transfer until proved otherwise, and pregnancy 'sickness leave' rules also apply. So it's ok to not go through the detector.x

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Thank you jray19 always useful to know.


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