Spa trip during it ok?

Hi guys, would any of you know if it is safe to visit a spa during ivf treatment? I know you shouldn't use when pregnant but no clue about whether its ok when going through ivf. I would only have started the nose spray but not the injections when we plan to go. Myself & hubby go every year before Christmas for his birthday and think it would be lovely to go and relax but dont want to jeopardise our treatment in any way? Xx

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  • I can't see it's a problem... only thing is for blokes not getting their sperm too hot is the only thing! I think hot baths/sauna for men may not be a good idea? worth a google..

  • Good point never even thought of him lol. Ill maybe ask the clinic xx

  • Hi hun, I can only tell you of my experience with my first IVF which has resulted in the best news of my life.

    My clinic gave me a list of things to do / not to do, even to the extend of how to sneeze during the 2ww... I am glad I followed every single instruction.

    What kind of spa treatments do you have in mind?

    I was told I couldn't take a shower for the first 7-8 days (yikes), I couldn't soak my feet in the pool (33 degrees heat, my hotel had infinity pool :() I couldn't walk more than 10-12 minutes every few hours, i had to sit tilted so that there is no weight above my hips, I had to cover my arms, face and head every time I went out during the day (maybe heat related) I couldn't eat any type of cheese, only 100% pure juices were allowed, I was suggested pomegranate and pineapple juices. I wasn't allowed any type of body massage (I opted for facials & pedicures instead)...

    The list was endless but all for my benefit and IT WORKED. If I were you I'd avoid any types of SPA during my treatment and prioritize just this already very emotional and nerve wrecking phase of my life... weigh them out sweetie and good luck. 🍀🍀🍀🍀

  • Thank you so much for your reply. Would there be any possibility you could email me the guidance you were given of i private mailed u my email address? My clinic have been very non directive and i think i would prefer some rules to help me feel in control, but also potentially contribute towards success.

    Congratulations on your success btw!!!! Xxx

  • I look through my files and send u a copy of it, please send me ur email or I'll send u the same on the msg here. Xx good luck sweets

  • Perfect thank u. I will private msg u my email x

  • Sorry, I thought you were thinking pre embryo transfer?? If during 2ww I would think of yourself as if you were pregnant.

  • All this is for after embryo transfer and for during the 2ww. Pre embryo I had no instructions or anything - it was all very normal. I did start folic acid around a month before transfer.

  • Brill thanks. Spa should be ok then for me. Il do a bit of googling re hubby and using hot tub etc lol x

  • Yes i was thinking pre embryo transfer. I will have only started the nasal spray when I am due to stay at the spa. X

  • Hi , I was told not to have any very hot baths when embryo was 'implanted' due to the fact it raises blood pressure . ( nhs) and embryo doesn't like it ? If in doubt ask , phone the nurse if your concerned put your mind at rest . Xxx

  • Thank you! I wont have embryo implanted at this stage, just nasal spray! But good to know for 2ww xx

  • IF you’re not in the two week wait yet it should be fine and beneficial. After transfer of embryo I would avoid xx

  • Brill thank you! Looks like we will be able to enjoy our break after all :) xx

  • I went a spa break after my transfer and basically couldn’t do any spa related things 😕 however it had been booked way before I knew about a date for treatment and it was lovely to be able to just relax!! Take a good book xx

  • Thanks for your reply! I wont have had transfer yet, will just have begun nasal spray. From the advice other ladies have given it seems this will be ok re: spa! Massive congratulations on your BFP, doing no spa related things at the spa was worth it for you 😘 xxx

  • Thanks 😄 Have a lovely relaxing time and good luck with treatment once your back! xx

  • I would say for you fine if you haven’t started stimms but I would keep hubby away from hot things - sperm take 90 days to regenerate and heat is very bad for them so they wouldn’t have time to recover. Good luck with your cycle.

  • My clinic said I was fine until I had egg collection: you shouldn’t go then as you shouldn’t be immersed in water due to the risk of infection after having a needle through your uterus!

    For frozen embryo transfers, you’re probably not going to want to go to a spa whilst using pessaries as they are so messy!

    In pregnancy, the use of spas is not advised due to the risk of increasing your body temperature too much I believe.

  • Thank you for the tips!! 😘😘

  • Spas are definitely not off-limits during pregnancy as long as you take some precautions. Here is the low-down on how to safely indulge in some much needed pampering. Jacuzzis and heated mud wraps, anything that jacks your core body temperature are off-limits during pregnancy. As you are going through IVF treatment, the same limitations are with this procedure. So, It's better to avoid this as much as possible to avoid any complications in the process of IVF.

  • Hi there. How are you? Relaxing massage have no concern with pregnancy issue unless it's on the concerned body part. You may not soak your feet in the hot water. Stay safe dear. I wish you all the best. take care of your diet and health.

  • Well, as for as from women point of view it’s not a problem. Yes, but for men, it’s not a good idea. As sperms need a specific temperature to be active and produced in good quantity. I would suggest you consult your doctors before taking any decision. As for as I know the fertility clinics give you a detailed information on dos and do not’s before and during IVF treatment.

  • Spas are unquestionably not beyond reach amid pregnancy as long as you play it safe. Here is the object on the best way to securely enjoy some genuinely necessary spoiling. Jacuzzis and warmed mud wraps, anything that jacks your center body temperature is beyond reach amid pregnancy. As you are experiencing IVF treatment, similar impediments are with this technique. Along these lines, It's smarter to maintain a strategic distance from this however much as could reasonably be expected to stay away from any difficulties during the time spent IVF.

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