symptoms during 2ww help

Hi all, Had my ET on sunday and was OK yesterday but today have had some dull cramps and feel a bit spaced out, then it passes. Is this normal or could it also be side effects from the Prgesterone pessaries. Also have had a few little ovary twinges, nothing worrying but more worried about the cramp feelings. Is this normal or should I phone the clinic?

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  • I had some pretty bad cramps on and off a few days after the ET and a week later as well. I think it's the pessaries. As I had it every time, failed and working rounds.

  • Thanks, good to know it's not unusual. have searched a few replies from past posts and seems that cramps are normal during the 2ww, one of the symptoms of the pessaries too. Did you take paracetamol during the 2ww? Scared to take anything although I know paracetamol is supposed to be allowed.

  • I took paracetamol and tons of water to help flush the excess drugs out of my system.

  • Hello smallcat, I had exactly the same 'symptoms' and my boobs were also a bit sore. I'm pretty sure it's just the medication as I felt like this even before transfer! I got a positive test this morning so I definitely don't think you need to be worried.

    Best of luck with the rest of your 2ww. Try to keep as busy as possible. I found box sets helped! Are you still going for acupuncture (I think you said before that you did this?) x

  • Congratulations that's amazing news. Thanks, that is reassuring. It's hard not to panic when you get cramps. isn't it. I have been for my pre & post transfer acupuncture session which went well, relaxing. That's the end of my sessions for now.

    Back to work tmrw, should help distract me. Best wishes for you & your family. xxx

  • Thank you. I still feel there's a long way to go but today was a good day!

    The cramps made me nervous too. I had to keep telling myself that it was just the meds and not to over think it!

    I had acupuncture pre and post transfer too and found it very relaxing. It also reassured me that I was doing as much as I could!

    I worked during my 2ww. I think it helped keeps mind off things! x

  • Congratulations Hopeful, wishing you all the best xx

  • Thank you Anjel2. It's not really sunk in yet! x

  • Dear hopeful1982 congratulations and best wishes for you and smallcat and for all those in this forum xx fingers crossed xx

  • Thanks hopeforICSI, best of luck with the rest of your cycle too x

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