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Pregnancy Symptoms during 2ww


Hi all, so this is my first post. both myself and my wife are going through our 3rd round ivf. We are now 8dp 5dt. She is feeling no symptoms at all, but i keep reassuring her that this does not matter. I'm sure any symptom during the 2ww is related to the meds anyway. She keeps telling me that this round has failed also. Any words of reassurance that you all can provide her will be great. Thank you all in advance.

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So hard not to over analyse and worry but please reassure her that everyone is different and every pregnancy can be different too and it’s still v v early. My symptoms don’t usually kick in until 7 weeks. Some women have zero symptoms and others have it all! Good luck!!

Husband9 in reply to Abbie40

Thank you!!!

Hello! I love it when I see a man on here! “See!” I shout to my husband... “some men are normal!” 😜

I genuinely couldn’t tell you what was a side effect from a drug or a symptom of a BFP. And I get the impression from women here that it can vary cycle to cycle.

The best thing you can do... is probably as you already are... get her mind occupied... keep her spirits up and keep reassuring her as you have. You sound like a super supportive husband! Nice work.

Lots of luck for test day. x

Husband9 in reply to emu2016

haha thank you so much! Test day is wednesday!

emu2016 in reply to Husband9


im in more or less same positon 8dpt4dt, no symptoms but AF hasnt arrived so remaining hopeful. i had two failed cycles prior to this one also. its easier to say "well its failed again" than to admit that you are still hopeful, i guess its a naive way of kidding yourself that on OTD if its a BFN then its ok because u were prepared for it and knew the outcome anyway, truth is it will be devastating if its a BFN.

All anyone can do in this situation is wait, keep busy, and try to remain hopeful.

I wish you and your wife the best of luck

Husband9 in reply to ness021983

Thanks for the insight and the good luck wishes but i will tell you what i tell my wife..... Stay positive as i truly beleive that in doing so it keep your body in a healthy state which is where you want it to be during this time. It can go one of 2 ways on the test day but either way it's ok as we are always prepared for either outcome. We always go through ups and downs in life but the fact is that we will always overcome them. Stay positive and all will be ok.

I had what I thought at the time was no symptoms but know I can see they truly were... My husband slept on the floor because he said my body was like a heating pad lol. Plus, I did cramp starting like 2dp5dt until about 6dp5t then on 7dp5dt I had a spot which with my failed cycles I never started cramping or spotting... But then some woman may not experience nothing at all....

Husband9 in reply to shanny3

thank you....Congratualtions on your positive!

shanny3 in reply to Husband9

Thank you! and just remember to, "hold the vision and trust the process" was the only thing I had..

Hey nice to see a hubby on here!! I had no symptoms at all...... none!!! I kept saying the same, it’s not worked I don’t feel any different, I should have something by now but no none! And the only thing I did get between 7-8 weeks pregnant was headaches which were likely from the pessaries! I’m 20 weeks now and still never had any “pregnancy” symptoms!! Massive good luck to you both x x x

Husband9 in reply to Looby25

thanks for your post. I'm sure when i get her to read your comment it will give her some encouragement! And congrats to you!

I remember when my daughter had her first round of ivf , we were on holiday. She txt me 4 days before her test date and I could tell she was upset so I phoned her. She was saying it hasn’t worked because she has no symptoms at all . I told her to hold tight and see what happens. I’ll tell you what happened, we have a gorgeous 2 year old who is now fast asleep in nannan and grandads spare bedroom. Try not to worry because no symptoms means nothing . Good luck xx

Husband9 in reply to Gillyc1

That is beautiful and amazing. Thank you so much for your kind words.

Gillyc1 in reply to Husband9

Hope they help. Any questions or anything you want to share, we are all here to help xx

I agree that you can’t tell because of the meds but on this round (where I got my bfp) I tested on day 13 after 5 day FET and I didn’t even get sore boobs (which I usually get from the progesterone) until about day 11 after transfer.

It's good to know that many women also dont get any symptoms at all! thank you!

My clinic make you wait the full two weeks even after a five day transfer, how long until you get to test?

We were told to test on wednesday which will be 11 days past 5 day transfer. Been the same for the previous two cycles we tried also.

Wish you so much luck- I was third time lucky, hope you will be too.

Thank you lizzie! And congrats to you!

Hiya, I got my positive in the week and I didn't have no symptoms at all! So please be assured that there is nothing wrong with having no symptoms. Good luck!!

Husband9 in reply to NDE1987

Thank you!

Just keep reassuring her, sounds like she’s (and you) have been through a lot and can’t take an emotional toll. Maybe she is saying it hasn’t worked as defense mechanism but it secretly praying it’s worked, as Ness suggested. Best of luck in your 2ww

Husband9 in reply to Smang

Thank you Smang.

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