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Feeling bit confused

Hi ladies i was told to phone up with my August period to start my 3 transfer in September, they came yesterday so thought as nearly August would ask if this counts as my August one, so anyone been for a thaw cycle before knows you have to get your injection between 1st and 3rd day bt said couldn't fit me in on Monday which would count as day 3,ask me to go in onTuesday but then said i will get my injection on day 21 so am really confused as thought had to get the injection when on your period xxx

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I really can not give you any advice as it was back in 2013 when I had my conventional frozen embryo transfer and can not remember the drug protocol that I was on. All I can say is ring the clinic you a using and get some clarification on the drug regime and tell them your concerns and worries.

The second frozen egg transfer I had was July this year and it was through Create clinic Raynes park that use a woman's own natural cycle to transfer the eggs 6 days after ovulation I did not need any drugs during the cycle and started the cyclogest pessaries and clexane after I had ovulated. The steroids commenced after transfer.

I hope you have had some answers by now and you get some clarification.

Good luck and I wish you all the luck in the world and that your transfer is successful x x x x


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