hi im just writing on here to see if anyone else can help me i had my last appointment at the hospital 31st march and they said they would send off my i.v.f referall form to the fertility hospital so they did and when i phoned the hospital they said they had sent my form back because they hadnt even put my partners name of my name form or any details about him im so upset about this as this has taken me back now months and i would have been starting it in august but my gynacoloigst sectarty phoned me up yesterday and asked about my partner so i gave her all the details that she needed to no but then she said he needed to go the doctors to get a medical history about weight height blood tests etc.... and then she turned round and said my partners bmi cant be no higher than 30 but my partner is big build and he is in training people would think he is a body builder and atm his bmi is 37 5 think and theres no way it can go any lower because he is 18st 3 and all muscle but if he losing the weight they want he would have to be 14 stone im discusted in this how is he ment to loose all this weight when he is big build i think this is disciusting and i was wondering if anyone else has had this problem im soooo upset about all of this and this should have been told to me when i was going threw with this but i havent reallly been told anything is there anyone on her going threw the same as what im going threw if so can u please comment thanks in advance x

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  • Hello mrswhite24, that all sounds very frustrating. I've never heard of a man having to reduce his BMI and understood this only applied to women. We're being treated on the NHS and they were only interested in my weight. I can't help but wonder if the secretary has made a mistake? Maybe double check with the fertlity clinic instead? As long as your partners sperm sample is ok I can't understand why it would matter.

    Wishing you lots of luck x

  • Thank you so much hun yes im being treated on nhs aswell but yes thats what she sed on the phone and if it was over 30 they wouldnt put my referall form threw to birmingham fertilty hospital x

  • Hi. I agree with hopefuls comments. If his semen analysis is OK I would have thought there shouldn't be a problem. Have a look at fertilityfairness.co.uk website and check the criteria for ivf treatment in your NHS area just to check whether male bmi is an issue. I must say that I haven't come across this before. Good luck! Diane

  • Hi, I'm currently on my second ICSI cycle. It is only the women's BMI that is taken into account for treatment. We specifically asked regarding my Husband's health/weight and were told that the criteria were only applicable for women. Good luck on your journey xx

  • Hi Mrs White.

    When we were referred I had to give my weight, I asked the fertility doctor, do you need my husbands weight and she said no, it's just all about your weight I'm afraid. Definitely fight for this. Doesn't seem right!

    Good luck x x

  • Thank you all so much yes im going to check with the hospital that they did refer me to in the 1st place and see what they say thank you all so so much for replying means alot to both of us xxx

  • Phoned up the hospital today and they said yes my partners bmi has to be 30 or less i cant believe this now knowing i wont be able to have children wtf this has destroyed my life 😒😒😒😒

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