im just trying to find out some answers please if anyone can help me ive not long had keyhole surgery on my fellipion tubes and unfortuanly i was told i wouldnt be able to concieve naturally but there is other options like i.v.f,my partner has children from previous relationships but he isnt allowed to see them not due to his fault due to his ex partners and i was trying to find out will i be able to get nhs funded i.v.f even if he does have children but not allowed to see them im soo confused and i cant find anyh answers so hopefully ill find some on here if anyone could recommend any advice to me that would be brillant thank you xx

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  • Hey hun sorry you've had this news that you won't be able to conceive naturally.

    The rules on IVF can vary depending where you live but 9 times out of 10 they won't fund you if you or your partner have children from a previous relationship even if you don't see them :-(. It's very unfair :-(.

    You need to find out the guidelines/protocol in your area for IVF. Wishing you lots of luck hun. Xx

  • what about if they was adopted at a very early age do they still go on them guidelines of what you have just said and thank-you so much for replying to me xx

  • Just realised the children have been adopted. I'm not sure how this impacts matters. Probably best to speak to your GP x

  • how do i find out about the guidelines and protocol in my area hun xx

  • Have a look on fertility fairness.co.uk Or Www.nhs.uk there are various links on there that should answer your questions hun. Xx

  • thank you x

  • ive just found out that in the west midlands if you have children from previous relationships you wont be accepted on nhs you will have to pay privatly i think this is so wrong because there penlising people

  • I agree hun. My hubby has a child from a previous relationship who he doesn't see and yet I am the one deprived of the opportunity to be a mother.

    We have had to go private and pay for IVF which is costly but we had no other option.

    Totally unfair hun. I can understand if I had children from a previous relationship as I'd of been a mother but this way is so, so unfair. Infertility is a disease and we don't get help yet morbidly obese people get help to lose weight, gastric bands etc. How's that fair. xx

  • Hello mrswhite24, it very much depends on the area. In Scotland, if you have no children living with you then you can have IVF so this wouldn't prevent NHS funding. There are websites tgat let you know the criteria in each area (fertility fairness) and you can speak to your GP. I think it's very harsh when the NHS does not find IVF for women in your circumstances so wishing yiu the best of luck x

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