Good evening my lovely supportive people

It's taken me 30 minutes to pluck up courage to type this as I really, REALLY don't want to upset anyone or been seen to be rubbing it in. So please take this post as it is meant. Here goes. I am finally coming to the end of what can only be described as a rollercoaster of emotions since 26th October 2013 until now. To find out the reason we couldn't get pregnant was down to me was heartbreaking and the guilt I felt was gut wrenching but to then be told that to qualify for funding before I turned 40, I'd also need to lose 2.5 stone in weight, time frame from October 2013 to April 2014!! How I did it I don't know but I did with a week to spare. TICK

Then came the nasal spray that turned me from relatively normal back to having thoughts and feelings I'd only ever had before in my deepest depression. Thankfully, as soon as I began my injections this changed overnight. TICK

Then came time for egg collection and the fear of waking up and being told there where no eggs. We got 8. TICK

Then the phones calls to confirm fertilisation and we got to 5 day blastocyst transfer with 3. TICK

Then the transfer of 2 and the two week wait of terror. TICK

The day then came to test. BFP. TICK

And now as I said in the beginning, I'm coming to the end. 40+1 and being induced on Sunday. Finally we get to meet our little girl and my sons little sister.

Please, please for all you beautiful, loving, special ladies and gents out there either just starting, halfway through or struggling with heartbreaking news, don't give up. It can and does happen. We know we've been lucky catching first time and we are so thankful for that. Clinical as it seems I made every step of the process a tick box exercise and took it one step at a time, not looking to far forward made it easier to deal with.

I hope I've not waffled or spoken out of turn or upset anyone.

Love to you all xxxx

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  • Congratulations and thank you so much for sharing your inspiring and happy success story. I'm currently feeling so emotional and depressed (I'm two weeks into my buserelin injections) and I'm questioning my strength as to if I can actually do this. To hear you have been through the mill and come out the other side is a help and a comfort to me so thank you for that. I wish you the very best of luck for Sunday. Take care and enjoy every moment xxx

  • Oh hun I'm so glad this helped. I had the buserelin nasal spray and it plays havoc with you. What kept me going was remembering that it's just your hormones fighting against the buserelin hormone that's making you feel like this, the feelings aren't real( tho they sure as hell feel like it). You are strong enough babe and you can and will do it. Xxx

  • Best of luck!!! What a fantastic post. You've been through it like the rest of us, you have nothing to be apologetic about!! I'm sure alot of people will find strength from your story, it's certainly put a smile on my face. CONGRATULATIONS xx

  • This is so not rubbing it in! It's great advice as its so easy to think way ahead in to the future! That's what gets me down. It's lovely to hear that it does work and there is light at the end of the tunnel! Good luck and big congratulations! 😘 xxx

  • YIPEE and huge congratulations I love reading the success stories, it gives me hope. You Defo deserve all the happiness x

  • That's lovely you shared that, enjoy your little bundle of joy x

  • I have just read your post and this is so so positive. This certainly does not look like your upsetting anyone or rubbing it in !!!!!! Your story is inspiring and gives us all hope . I am awaiting to start my IVF treatment after 3 years of trying ... After my laparoscopy last year I fell pregnant but sadly miscarried at 7 weeks πŸ˜•. Due to my age which is 38 and history of infertility I found this very positive . I am aware that its going to be an emotional roller coaster but love the idea of ticking boxes .

    Thanks for sharing this xxx

  • Congratulations!! No need to apologise. Stories like this give me hope! Wishing you the best x

  • Congratulations and thanks for sharing. It's good to know that it does happen! Sometimes it feels like urban legend! x

  • Wow how lucky are you...gave me hope am gonna be gone be going 3rd time lucky and 40....

    Here's hoping 😘

  • Im very encouraged from reading this.. Congratulations. Me and my wife have our first consultation on 27th. Not sure what to expect but I'm sure all will be clearer on the day.

  • Congratulations and thank you for sharing your story. Wishing you all the very best xxx

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