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Another big dip on the IVF rollercoaster

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Actually allowed myself to be positive today as we had the scan and blood test ready for our FET next week. Scan was fine but then got call to say progesterone was too high again (the same reason why we didn't have transfer after EC). Its been the longest few weeks since EC waiting for this and once again we can't go ahead.

We first saw the clinic last June and yet haven't even made it to transfer yet (long story). Feeling angry that the clinic don't seem to check things earlier.

I asked the consultant what could be done for next cycle and she said it was such a surprise it happened that they would go ahead as usual. When I grilled her, she said that very rarely they use low dose steroids to stop the progesterone from going up. I then persuaded her to prescribe them for the next cycle. At 40, I can't keep waiting for things to go wrong before they decide to do something about it.

Feeling upset and angry so have stopped being booze free and turned to gin for the night.

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Hi Mantaray - I don't blame you for turning to the gin! I hope you enjoyed it. It sounds like you've had a long journey, good on you for fighting for what you need. I think that the staff that work in the clinics are amazing but I also think they're sometimes on autopilot and don't appreciate the emotional impact that these delays can have on us. Hope you get to transfer stage soon x x x

It's frustrating when ET or FET can't go ahead. It happened on my 3rd round but for different reasons to you. I wonder now if we should have waited longer before FET but who knows? I just wanted it to happen and as I'd already had ET delayed a further delay would have been devastating at the time even though it was for valid medical reasons but the clinic were satisfied. We have to trust their judgement even if it's not what we want.

I'm not a medical professional but there must be a reason for the higher levels of progesterone, did you have OHSS? I assume that they will test your blood again before the next attempt, hopefully the steroids will do their job.

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Mantaray75 in reply to pm27

I didn't have OHSS but I think I was close. My oestrogen was 20,000! She did say that is why the progesterone was probably high and that there is no relationship to it being high then to now. No, they aren't going to test my blood again and they weren't going to give me steroids until I asked, that is what annoys me.

Thanks for your support.

They actually refunded the 1st cycle cos there were so many mess ups. I didn't respond to the drugs at all but they were basing it on an AMH test which was nearly a year old.

The problem is that where I live in New Zealand there is no other choice of clinic. I'm already having to drive 5 hours for the transfer as my local clinic is closed for 4 months for refurbishment.

We plan to drive up the day before cos they only do transfers in the morning. I think we'll then head to the mountains nearby for some chillout time for a couple of days before heading home. Most drives in South Island in NZ are stunning. Unfortunately the drive for us to Christchurch is the most boring ever.

I have no idea what their recommendations are for after transfer as I haven't got to that point yet. To be honest they don't really give loads of advice. I know some people have been told no perfume for EC and ET but they haven't said anything like this. I kept my jewelry on in theatre and they even gave me a pair of warm fluffy socks to wear for EC.


Hey there, I see you had to wait after egg collection until they could do transfer for you. I'm in a similar position, my lining had shrunk to 5.3mm. They've let me continue on progesterone until what would be transfer but if there is no improvement it's to the freezer. Did they tell you you only had to wait one month or until you had a period? Or was it decided with bloods?x

I'm sorry you're having delays too.

They told me to wait for a period which began a week or so after EC - I stopped all drugs at EC. 12 days after period I had a scan and blood test but then the progesterone was still too high (they want under 3 and mine was 4). I was given high dose progesterone this time for a week and then stopped to make me have a period. They obviously changed their minds on checking the bloods too cos I've already had 2 blood tests and my last progesterone was 1. I'm due a scan and blood test this Friday and then hopefully ET the following Thursday. Most of the time I've been on oestrogen 3 times a day too.

I know its best for the embryo to have the best chance but no-one tells you about all these sorts of delays. I always naively thought it was drugs, EC, ET and then it did or didn't work.


Yeah I had had factored in if we had follicles, if there were eggs at collection and if they fertilised but must have skipped the info of cancelling if lining was too thin. Was a bit of a slap in the face! I'm hoping that my scan might show lining has improved with the crinone gel but realistically I doubt it will! Our consultants said they might transfer in 2 to 3 months which seems ages but I guess it's to give us the best chance. My body seems to have gone back to normal, swollen ankles gone, sore breasts gone and didn't really have any pain after egg collection so I guess I'm lucky in that respect! Thanks for your reply & good luck for transfer!xx

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