Quick question on ivf, wud be grateful for help?

Hi everyone!

I am just researching ivf in advance as we are very close to being referred. I'm 33, pcos, ttc for 3yrs, other half all fine.

My question is regarding ivf on the NHS, and single embryo transfer vs double.

If I have more than 1 good quality embryo, will I be given a choice whether to transfer 1 or 2, or do the clinics dictate the number?

Thanks :)

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  • I'm in a similar position and would love to know the answer to this too.

  • Hi tindog, at my clinic you have the choice but if you are under 40 they tend to suggest a single transfer (due to the risks associated with multiple pregnancies). I'm in the middle of our first IVF cycle and I've not had to make the decision yet as we dont know how many embryos we will have or their quality. Assuming all goes well and well and we get to that stage I'm told the embryologist will discuss it with us at the time so, especially since this is our first round, I think I will just take his/her advice!

    Good luck x

  • Thank you ;) good luck on your cycle! X

  • Hi chick y clinic would on put one 5 day blast or one good looking 3day for my first try due to the risk with multiples I had a problem with it thinking well two better than one but thought fory first go I'll roll with it good job I had one 5 day put back in and I've got identical twin girls lying next to me 2 months old in there cot and I was not funded so was paying out of my pocket as we have a 12 year old boy so I didn't even get to pick private probably good job really good luck with your treatment chick sending you lots of baby dust:) xxxxxxx

  • Wow!! If I had the choice I would ask for 2 but from the looks of things I probably wont get to choose. Will keep my fingers crossed the little bean splits as yours did :D Mainly because I would def like more than 1 but I'm not sure I could face the referrals and constant trying/waiting/failing all over again. Twins would equal instant family. Thanks for the dust Xxx

  • The older you are, the more likely you can choose 2.

    I'm 39 and could have chosen 2 but just chose 1 after advice about complications with twin pregnancy (early term birth risks).

    My heart said 2 and head said 1.

    I also thought of the financial implications of childcare costs as have no family nearby.

    I have x4 5 day blastocysts frozen (2 are high quality).

    My transfer (FET) procedure is at 12.30pm today!!!!

    Good luck on this rollercoaster.


  • Sorry I couldn't wish you luck for your transfer sooner but hope all went well! Thanks very much for your reply and best wishes for your journey too Xx

  • It went fine thank-you. On the 2ww now. X

  • Great! Good luck hun Xx

  • If you are on NHS they will do 1 transfer if it's private you will have a choice to put 2. I'm below 35 so I'm allowed 1 on NHS xx

  • Thanks for your reply, perfectly answered :)

  • My first go on the NHS I wasn't given a choice, they only put back one. But for the other 2 goes I was able to pick even though I was under 35. I think it must depend on where you are living.


  • Gutted! I wasn't given a choice it was just stated that because I am under 35 then they will only do 1 transfer x

  • BabyLucas... This is what I feared too, not good news :( X

  • Bobenhams3 ... This is positive then, I hope wherever I end up they also allow 2 on the 2nd. I have read up on the odds of you only have one transferred and they're not great, also I've not been very lucky up until now so am expecting the worse!

  • My NHS was done at Barts in London. Not sure if I'll get a choice now that I'm private. There is so much you have to factor in when looking at success rates so try not to worry about them. It can and does work x

  • Was that for your first cycle or for others too? Where are you being treated?

  • First icsi cycle we went to see the doctor easier for a review and he's told us because it wa NHS they wi not allow 2 transfer. It's at nurture in Nottingham

  • I mean we went to see the doctor earlier

  • As many others have said, I think it depends on the clinic. I am currently going through it at Guy's ACU in London, and given my age (31) I can't choose, they will only put 1 embryo. They are very anti-multiple births at ACU. In the end I was fine with it and am currently in the horrible 2ww!

  • Ah bless ya, I feel for you. Have just started my 2ww for this cycle and have already been in tears today. Its a pain you can't understand until you go through it. Good luck and hope things work out for you Xx

  • Yes, the 2ww is a strange time.

    I cheered myself up with a shopping trip to buy goodies such as alcohol free beer and wine, elderfower cordial, sparkling water, snacks, vegetables and other healthy food, and a bunch of flowers.

    I recommend treating yourself to all of the above and sitting in the sunshine, or whatever makes you happy.


  • This made me smile 😊 very good advice! Tomorrows a new day, maybe a trip to the shops is in order X

  • I was told it would be one embryo transferred as I am 31. But on the day of the 3 day transfer the clinic which was nhs said they were putting two back and that they were both good quality , I did not argue but was made to sign something to say I could end up with twins and the risks associated.

    One embryo took and I am now 15 weeks pregnant and I am grateful they put two back as I believe you have more of a chance x

  • Congratulations on you pregnancy! I will be keeping my fingers crossed for a double transfer! X

  • Hi tindog and Ttcblues . I had my IVF on NHS in March ...but wasn't successful for me πŸ˜”πŸ˜” I had the same question what u to if I can have a choice to put two embryos . I'm 34 years old my hubby 38...he is all fine . I was on I think 150 dose injection and they collect 11 eggs , from that they fertiliser 5 . I thou that they going to put one but in end on transfer day they put one embryo and 5day blastocyst πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ my grade was B . Is all depends from them Hun ...If u got the best Quality embryo or blastocyst grade A in most cases they put only one . Ask them if u can have ES...or embryo glue to give u more chances for success .πŸ˜ƒ I'm going to start my second cycle (self funding this time) in a week time and I all ready talk to doctor to use both of this ES and embryo glue and to be put two . I'm more prepared this time πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

  • Hiya, thanks for your reply. Sorry it didn't work out 1st time round but good luck for your upcoming treatment and wishing you all the best!

    That is interesting, so grade B or below could mean the rules don't apply and having 2 is possible! I will certainly go prepared following all this good advice. Never heard of embryo glue before but now I know to ask for it :D Thanks very much! X

  • U welcome Hun and thank u for support πŸ˜ƒ With first cycle we didn't know much ....we couldn't wait ...the excitement was huge and no much info how to prepared us self for it ...how to look after your self and what to avoid in normal day life. Yes we was devastated when we have BFN πŸ˜”πŸ˜” we felt like all world cal laps ...but is 3months now ....i "Recharge Battery"...know more then I ever knew before ... 2day early morning I drop my hubby sample for them to tell us if we going to have Icsi or IVF ....just because is self funding this time is different with cost . I spoke for few min with one of the doctor to ask if they know I want to use embryo glue and and ES...they all know and they going to do it to double increase the chances of success πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ Ask them Hun and finger cross for u πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒxx

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