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Natural IVF Protocol for FET


Has anyone had successful IVF with a natural protocol for FET? Our fresh transfer was unsuccessful, however following surgery for a leaky tube, I’m praying this little embryo sticks!!

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Yes :) our baby is 6 months old now. Was a natural FET

I did, and I got my bfp. I’m 7 weeks.

Good luck xx

Snap! I am 7 weeks today from a natural FET.

I did a natural FET although still took prednisone and cycologest and my baby’s now 4.5 months x


Hi BPOOL . Just wanted to wish you well with your natural cycle. Some have low dose prednisolone and/or low dose soluble aspirin or heparin to ensure even blood flow to womb lining. Good to hear you’ve had the pesky tube sorted. Leaking fluid is often thought to be the cause of failure, thinking of you. Diane


Just wanted to wish you well with your natural cycle.

My FET#1 was medicated but I miscarried at 6 weeks. After that I decided to try a natural FET because the side effets of all the meds were not easy. My only problem were also my tubes (I had 3 ectopic pregancies in the past). But I guess I was to much stressed and worried about and the natural cycle didn't work and had to be canceled.

After that I tried another medicated FET cycle. I'm 17 weeks pregnant :)

Good luck! xx

Hi, my FET wasn't exactly natural, I had an Ovitrelle injection to sync well with the transfer time. But no other meds, and my little girl is now 6 weeks old <3

After transfer I had heparin and prednisolone (no cyclogest as my clinic said my progesterone level was fine, and my lining thickness was pretty good).

Good luck!

Yes, I had a natural cycle FET after a failed fresh cycle. No medication whatsoever just the transfer which resulted in a BFP. Good luck! x

Im having a natural FET next week... I wish you good luck dear... Hope we both get a bfp xxxxx

Fingers crossed, I’m so excited and then feel sick incase it fails again! I cannot imagine what holding a positive pregnancy test will feel like!! Good luck!! Xx

Hi love,i haven't got any advice but want to wish u all the best in your FET.I am also considering natural FET after previously unsuccessful medicated two rounds of IVF.

BPOOLtrying in reply to Bule84

My transfer is Monday so I’ll let you know. It’s soul destroying isn’t it? Do you have many Frosties?

Bule84 in reply to BPOOLtrying

No i only have one,this November will be a second year in storage.

Bule84 in reply to BPOOLtrying

My worry is the thawing process😔

I am so anxious about it all after so many dissapointments but have never had FET.

Yes, I had a completely natural FET after an unsuccessful fresh cycle. My girl just turned 2! Good luck. Xx

I'm in a similar situation to BPOOLtrying. I was wondering how long those of you who were successful with your FET waited after the failed cycle? I've been suggested 2 different time periods from my clinic! Thanks in advance :)

Ok ladies, it’s official, embryo transfer done this afternoon. Praying for a sticky one 🤞🏻

I have. Like you my first transfer was fresh and Unsuccessful. The second time around I dis natural protocol for FET and that was successful. I now have a beautiful 15 month old son.

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