First appointment advice?

Hi all,

I am waiting for my first appointment. Bit of background: I had a large chocolate endo cyst on my ovary (15cm) I had a laparotomy and they removed the cyst, my left ovary and the tube. My other tube is blocked and there is another cyst on my right ovary.

The consultant had told me in no uncertain terms I need to get pregnant now as the endo is quite severe and he has referred me to the women's hospital for ivf. My only concern is that my bmi is 33. I am dieting and exercising but it's hard due to the surgery.

Will I still be able to get treatment through the NHS? My doctor said it should be ok as my condition isn't weight related but I'm still worrying!

Sorry for the long post!


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  • Hi Tilly. Sorry to hear that you have obviously been suffering with endometriosis and resulting cysts. Unfortunately whether your condition is weight related or not, I think you will find that your consultant will look at your BMI in general. He/she is bound by strict criteria that is set up by your CCG (Clinical Commissioning Group), so it not totally the consultant’s decision. I am sure you are doing whatever you can to lose some weight, but whatever it is, do try and get someone to keep a record of your weight loss. This could a practice nurse or at a slimming club. You can then prove that you are trying and achieving weight loss. Your IVF will not be booked straight away, so that will give you some time to act. I realise that your tummy is still tender, but why not try swimming? You will have the water to support you, which will help. Obviously, I do wish you well with whatever treatment is decided for you and with successful weight loss. Diane

  • Thank you for your advice. I am going on a cleanse and joining slimming world! I've got almost 2 months until my appointment so will hopefully have got to 30 by then. Good incentive to lose weight anyway!


  • Hi Tilly. Way to go girl! You can do it, I'm certain, then they won't be nagging you about your BMI. Mine was way higher than yours, but eventually something clicked and I got it down. Diane

  • Hi Tilly, you and me are in the same position, my BMI was 33 I've been asked to get down to 29. I've been eating slimming world recipies but havnt been going to the groups. I have also been going running - trust me I run about 20 yards then have to walk haha, but I'm getting there. Take photos before u start, then again in say two weeks, honestly you will see the difference. Keep up the good work you'll get there, and it will be so worth it :) xxx

  • Thanks so much for your advice and support! It's only 1st 8 so surely I can do that!! ☺️

  • Exactly :) and you'll feel fab in new clothes :) xx

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