1st attempt @ IUI

Hi everyone started our 1st go at IUI last week the injections weren't as bad as i expected them to be. Had 1st scan monday showing 5 follicles on right (11.9/12.6/11.5/8/5.6). Went for a second scan today and we have 2 follicles which continued to grow (20.8 & 18.5) and a lining at 10.1mm. I've just done the trigger injection (10,000 ui pregnyl) as instructed with insemination happening on Friday. Not too sure how I'm feeling at the moment it all seems to be a whirlwind of emotions. Fingers crossed & baby dust to you all xxx

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  • Hi andi1504. Just read your post, but all looks good to go, so I hope that the insemination has gone OK for you today. Your follicles sizes were perfect and your womb lining good too, so keeping everything crossed for success. Diane

  • Thank you I've have everything possible crossed. 24 million of the little blighters so hospital we're more than happy with it all

  • Swim little ones swim hard!! Diane

  • Good luck. Hope you get s positive outcome x

  • Thank you Dee22, it's gonna be a tough 2weeks x

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