IUI tomorrow

I've been on gonal f for 1 week and I went for my scan today. I have 1 15mm follicle and 1 13mm follicle. They said that my IUI will either be tomorrow or Monday. It seems really soon. Has anyone else had it happen this fast? I'm really hoping to be able to put it off till Monday in the hope that I might have 2 viable follicles by then to double my chances but they are concerned about me ovulating on Sunday.

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  • Hi! Did they check first your tubes? How much did it cost? What about IUI how much it is costing you? The Dr recommended IUI for me after 2 failed ICSI. But he said I need first to check my tubes. And everything is so expensive I think about £ 2000. It is so hard to believe it is going  to work. I just don't know what  to do anymore. 

    Good luck to you! X

  • They've decided to wait until Monday to do the IUI. Unfortunately my second follicle seems to have stopped growing so it looks like they'll just be the one. 😞

  • Hi M_V_B.  Fingers crossed for the remaining follicle.  Diane

  • Hi, hope it's gone well today? I took a break from the site as we got cancelled AGAIN in March so apologies for not replying to you at the time as it was getting too much thinking about it every day without moving forward. But daily blood tests start tomorrow for hopefully finally doing our first natural IUI next week. How was the procedure? 

  • Hey, sorry to hear about your cycles getting cancelled, that must be tough as the waiting is pretty miserable. Fingers crossed for this one. My oestrogen level was a little low so they postponed my IUI until tomorrow. I had my ovitrelle last night so it's all systems go now. I know my chances are lower with one follicle but I can't help but get my hopes up again. Maybe this month will be the miracle.

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