Does it hurt much laparoscopy ??

so I went for my hospital appointment see what there going to be doing for my treatment and they rang up today and am having operation on wed to have a large cyst (9cm) removed and have a laparoscopy am hoping that they can unblock my tubes . How much pain is the laparoscopy just wondering how much time to take of work

Thanks all

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  • Hi you will probably be signed off work for 2 weeks but honestly, probably ok after a week!

  • Ok thanks 😊 x

  • Hi XxjustmexX. Just to wish you well with the laparoscopy and for a speedy recovery. You will be uncomfortable for a few days afterwards, but they will give you some pain killers, so try not to worry. If you have a lot done, you may need to take a week or two off work – depending upon the type of work you do, but your consultant will discuss this with you. Your tummy will be a bit β€œpuffy” for a few days as they use a gas to inflate it so they can look around more easily. This often comes away as flatulence, so beware! Good luck! Diane

  • Thank you and they did say about being puffy I was just thinking about telling my boss estimated time so she can get cover and am a barmaid so shouldnt be to bad did you have to stay in or did you get to go home same day 😊 thanks x

  • Hi i had a lap done a while back due to have another soon.... 1 was fine to go bk to work after 10 days, was onli day surgery so was okay to go home after a couple of hours, all the best with yours x

  • Thank you x

  • Hi. I had laparoscopy in April last year. That's when they discovered I had severe endometriosis. I had a lot of adhesions and they did quite a bit of work on me. I had to stay in overnight as I took longer to recover than most of the other women on the ward but I got home the very next morning. I had difficulty moving around, sitting down, getting up, getting into bed etc and I tired very easily. The gas was uncomfortable and I was puffy for a good while. I had just over 2 wks off work. Everybody's different though so you'll probably need to play it by ear and see how things go. Good luck πŸŒΌπŸ’›πŸŒΌ x x

  • Is everything ok now ? And I have told my boss I see how I go and thank you x

  • Home same day to pass wind for England! Diane

  • Sounds like fun πŸ˜‚ x

  • Trapped wind in your ribs is a killer if you get it! I stayed in when I had both of mine - and was back to work in a week x

  • Does sound painful. Did it work for you ? X

  • It was prob a little sore for a day or two - nothing extreme - trapped wind hurts more if you get that but they normally give you peppermint to help it.

    You'll be fine x

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