Feeling confused and anxious :-(

Hi All

I have been on Clomid 50ml for a couple of cycles now and I am now late but have done a test and it said negative :-( I did the test on day 28 at lunch time, so am thinking perhaps I should have waited until first thing the next morning but my patients got in the way. I am now on day 31 and have very sore breasts and have been having period pains and cramps. I am planning to do another test first thing tomorrow morning . On days 17,19,20,21,22 and 23 of my cycle I had some very very small amount of spotting . If it turns out to be negative then what's happening, can Clomid cause missed periods? I do have mild Endometriosis so maybe its that playing up. If it turns out that I'm pregnant then ill be very pleased and excited..

Hope you are all well XX

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  • Hi. Clomid can take a few cycles before it works – that if it going to. Obviously, do the test at the correct time, which is best first thing in the morning. If is negative, then you will need to wait for your period to start again before starting a fresh cycle. The spotting could be just down to the endometriosis. Good luck! Diane

  • Thank you Diane :-)

  • Hello!! I'm also on clomid, my period was late on the last cycle and I'm anticipating that I will be for this cycle, I'm due on any day and my symptoms are similar (bar spotting) to be honest I thought I knew my cycles and symptoms and clomid has thrown them all out the window!! Best of luck if you fancy a clomid buddy Im more than happy to chat! xx

  • Thank you Pollypositive for your reply, I'd be very happy to have a Clomid buddy :-) As I expected my test was negative this morning so am now waiting for my period to start. How long are you planning to try on Clomid for? xx

  • I'm a Clomid lady too- it seems to have shortened my cycles though! I can only assume it's making me ovulate earlier. If you don't mind me asking- how many cycles are you ladies planning on doing before moving to 'the next step'?

  • Hi Kernishp. Many thanks for your reply. My fertility specialist has suggested 5 cycles with Clomid although the pharmacist has only given me 3 months worth so am assuming that was a human error which ill sort once my next period starts . After 5 months my husband and I have another appointment with my specialist to discuss IVF. It seems to be messing my cycles up a bit as my first round made me early and then this one late. How long have you been on Clomid for and have you had any side effects? xx

  • I did one round, then left it this cycle as I got a bit disheartened after having to go and see a different Gynae who basically told me I was wasting my time and there was nothing she would do for me other than give me the number of an IVF clinic if "I couldn't be patient and just wait for it to happen." Aged 33 and after TTC for 14 months and with unexplained infertility I think Clomid is worth a shot before going straight to IVF. So, i'm going to start again next cycle and then try a cycle combined with IUI after that. My old Gynae was going to try me on Clomid with an HCG trigger shot, then progesterone for 6 cycles. Side effects wise I had a few hot flushes and increased irritability, I also had a lot more ovulation pain than on non Clomid cycles. I won't do more than 6 cycles on Clomid, I'm hoping it combined with IUI will be the thing that does the trick for us- we can't afford IVF for a while yet.

  • I'm so sorry that you've had that kind of feedback, it's upsetting and incredibly stressful going through this process in itself. How are you managing on the clomid the side effects have turned me from a rational to otherwise moody moo, fortunately I have a wonderful husband and parents that have been very understanding! We have been offered 6cycles of clomid and then hopefully we will be eligible for NHS funded IVF I find it all very daunting. I've been doing research on triggers with progesterone supplements too seems a bit more controlled, how do feel about it all?

  • Hello ladies!! I'm so sorry to hear about your negative wizzleandmolly I've also got my negative this morning too and quite frankly it sucks immensely!! The next cycle will be my third cycle, my DH and I have been advised to try 6 cycles then onto IVF. I'm an 'erratic' ovulator, clomid has definitely helped me to ovulate but the side effects of this drug are evil! I plan on having a big glass of wine when AF arrives and I will thoroughly enjoy it!!! Lol xxxx

  • Hi Ladies, I had 9 cycles of Clomid in total- 6 consecutive, a break of 4 months then another 3 cycles. It made me ovulate but didn't get me pregnant and I had to move onto IVF. It did lengthen my cycles as I was 24/25 days prior to it, always spotted before, and got to 26/27 without spotting. However I was never offered the trigger shot and progesterone supps with the Clomid so perhaps that could make all the difference!! Good luck xx

  • It is all very controlled with the trigger shot- we were very lucky that our old health insurance covered us for this, unfortunately it now doesn't, hence the having to go and see a new (evil) Gynae. We live overseas so there is no NHS. Having experienced a cycle with the trigger shot, I've decided that Clomid + IUI is worth a go as if I'm going to be on Clomid I really want to throw everything at it to try and get that elusive BFP. Side effects wise, I think I was always an irrational mare and experiencing infertility has done nothing to help that, so Clomid irritability etc feels like positive and useful side effects as they're ultimately trying to help to put an end to all the emotional c*ap caused by too many BFNs.

  • I think that that's a very positive way of looking at a frustrating situation 😀. I wish you all the best with your IUI's like WeeMrsH says maybe it will make all the difference xxxx

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