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Difficult week

This weekend was a year since my ectopic pregnancy was found and I had surgery to remove the right tube. Not long before that, my first pregnancy ended in miscarriage. My husband and I got married three years ago. We tried fir a year the first time, and 5 months the second time. It's been nine months since we started trying again and it's getting really hard. Im 38 now, and starting to worry that I'm never going to have children. My sister in law has a new baby and a teenager and other family members keep announcing pregnancy. I'm finding it incredibly difficult to be happy for them all. Has anyone had an ectopic which led to a tube being removed and then got pregnant on thier own? I'm.overweight so don't qualify for any NHS fertility treatment. I'm desperately trying to lose the weight, but by the time I do I might be too late for NHS treatment anyway. Looking for positive stories please, it's been a really difficult week.

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Hi. Sorry to hear your heartbreak. I don't have any experience of miscarriage or ectopic as I've never even had a positive pregnancy test after many, many years of trying. I just wanted to send you a hug and encourage you to keep trying to lose weight and fight for NHS treatment. That's what I'm doing... Well trying to. I've been told that IVF is our only hope in my case with endo and only one tube working. I'm waiting for a post laparoscopy follow up appt and anticipate the doc saying that I won't qualify for IVF with my current BMI. I have just turned 39 and have been calorie counting (ish) and have started brisk walk/jogging with c2k for the last couple of weeks. This plan may work or it won't but at least I'll know I've tried. Sorry I didn't have answers to your questions but I wish you all the very best in your quest.

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It sounds as if you've been through a difficult time but at least you have your partner for support. I am on my own and going to face everything just by myself.

I am 43 so really this is my last chance and I have a bit of a weight issue too.

Maybe you need some time for yourself and perhaps have another go, our emotions are very much up and down doing what we do and sometimes we just forget about ourselves. I have to fund my treatment like a lot of people do which is another difficult issue to face.

So I would say, perhaps have a holiday to take a little break and then have another go x

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Huge hu for all you are going through xx I did get pregnant naturally 7 months after losing a tube to ectopic pregnancy, three years in total trying. We had even failed IUIs / IVF so there is hope xx


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