Day 4 of Gonal F

Hi Ladies

Just a quick update...started my gonal f injections on Friday so tonight's will be day 4! Finding them surprisingly easy, which has come as a shock to me lol! I think it's because I've tried not to get myself to worked up and at the end of the day....they have to be done. A littler nervous about starting my Cetrotide injections tomorrow as they're a proper syringe needle. But I've not got any pain or bruising...starting to get a dull niggly headache so drinking plenty of water. 1st scan on Wednesday, just hope they see all the right things when they take a look as I don't feel any different so hard to imagine what's going on inside me?!?!

Could only be 6 days left of injections!! Eeeek!! xx

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  • Hi Misssay. Good to hear that you are coping well with your injections. Try not to worry about the Cetrotide injections. Just make sure you inject slowly to hopefully prevent any bruising. You’re doing well! Hope all looks OK on the scan on Wednesday. Diane

  • Thanks Diane. I'll keep you posted x

  • Drink lots of water. X

  • Thanks, I have been. Peeing every 10mins it seems, people at work are going to think I've got problems lol! x

  • Glad it's going well so far and you're not suffering side effects. Good luck with the cetrotide tomorrow, it looks a bit fiddly compared to the pens. I'd be interested in any tips as I'll be taking mine in a week and a bit x

  • Hi Hopesforluck, Thanks. I'll let you know how I get on tonight with it. A little more nervous about these ones as the needles seems so much bigger but need to man up lol! Am interested to see what my scan says tomorrow. Good luck with your injections xxx

  • Hi. Have done 2 Cetrotide injections now. As long as you follow the instructions it's ok but to suck up the fluid I tip the vial slightly which makes it easier :-) also as Dee22 has said. A cold flannel after cetrotide helps with the itchy feeling you get. Xx

  • Glad it's going well. My tip with cetrotide is if it stings a little after, I was told to use a cold flannel or something to help. It worked as I did initially have a small localised reaction. Good luck xx

  • Hi Dee22. Thank you so much for the cold flannel tip after the Cetrotide injection. Works a treat!! It's such a bizarre itchy feeling. Xx

  • Sounds like you've got the hang of it already, I'll definitely have a cold flannel at the ready when I inject mine x

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