2nd day of gonal-f and Luveris

As it says on my 2nd day of injecting and been a nervous wreck almost in tears this morning because I couldn't get all the liquid into the syringe once mixed and neer had breakdown to partner helped while I set up my gonal f pen,has anyone else been on these ?and with injection been doing it on my sides but noticed people saying below belly button,which is making me think am not doing it right and that it might not work now,I've not found it sore and have been just sticking to same sides as got to different injections to do and it's been fine bar a tiny bruise,any help or reassurance would be great and if any tips on how to make follicles grow?as at first scan before starting injections there was only 2 on one side and 4 on the other and tiny tiny ones that nurse wasn't sure would grow but will see.

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  • Don't panic I struggled getting it all in sometimes having several attempts. I don't think it matters all that much where in the stomach it goes in as long as it's going in. I did mine either side of my belly button. No tips il afraid I think most of the eat this and do that is Mumbo jumbo to be honest if there was something we could do the clinics would tell us. 

    Good luck 

  • Thanks for reply been in a state thinking I ruined it.what stage you at?x

  • 8 weeks pregnant from FET x

  • Omg that's amazing congrats 👶🏻

  • Am having a panic attack I just done my third gonal f injection so I set it to 300 and injected and when I took needle back out the wee number hadn't went to 0 so I put the needle back in and pressed again till it went to 0 have I messed up?

  • No it'll be fine as long as it all went in, in the end! Just remember to do your next injection so you can see your number xx

  • Don't worry, I messed up at least 2 gonal f injections with leaky pens and it still worked for me. I was told to think of your belly button as a nose and use the area around it as a smile to choose an injection site. I found it better to alternate sides just sink didn't run out of injection sites. Also, it may be easier sitting down and slightly forward to get a nice roll of fat to pinch for the injection. Inject slowly, I think I injected too quickly when I ended up with the leaky pens! There is also no need to prime the pen. Counting to 10 as you inject and 10 again before you draw it out kind of helps. Best of luck!

  • I've been forgetting to pinch I've just put it in,struggling a bit with the Luveris one aswell ,I will do under the belly button tonight .aw that's great to hear it worked 😁X

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