3 miscarriages

Hi all, suppose I'm just here looking for some success stories from others who have had similar stories. Well I'm 29 and in 2013 I suffered 2 miscarriages both at 6 weeks, followed by d&c. I went to see a fertility doctor who did tests and found I have 'sticky' blood. I was prescribed clexane injections, vitamins, high dose folic acid and cyclogest pessaries. I got pregnant straight away without even having a period following the miscarriage. I had a health pregnancy and he is now a lovely little 14 month old. Recently we decided to try again, we immediately got pregnant but I didn take the medication as before. I had Another miscarriage at 6 weeks again. That was last month and I'm pregnant again 5 weeks 2 days. My scan is in 9 days. It so difficult to wait for that first scan! Will it show an empty sac like it has done 3 times before. It seems worse this time somehow, probably because if I miscarry then it wasn't the medication that fixed it and there is another unknown medical problem. Sorry to ramble, I just needed to vent.

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  • Try and stay positive - I feel a hypocrite saying that as I am in a similar situation getting very worried inbetween scans I'm 11 weeks furthest I've been in 5 years 6th pregnancy no children yet , a early scan at 6 weeks should be visable by a internal scan but they did warn me at mine it might not show up yet so to be calm and fingers crossed everything is okay this time round for you :) good luck wishing you a healthy pregnancy xxx

  • Thanks so much, I'm calmer during the day, just at night it's all I can think of. Congrats on getting to 11 weeks. I read that the statistics for a healthy pregnancy go way up once you have seen the heartbeat so things are looking good for you. I'll keep u posted once I have been to the scan. Thinking happy thoughts. X

  • Yes it's when your mind is free to do overtime ! Wishing you all the best xx

  • Hi Hellsbells, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you too. I know it's impossible not to worry, but if you find yourself getting too anxious, try to focus on what you WANT to happen (instead of what you don't want). Also, although your consultant has said you have 'sticky' blood, there may be other factors. Recurrent miscarriage can be a male fertility issue and there's a test called the Sperm Comet Test which measures sperm DNA damage - a possible cause of miscarriage. I really, really, really hope everything works out for you this time round.

  • Thanks very much, why do the days go soooo slowly when you are waiting for a scan? Yes the male fertility thing crossed my mind too and if I miscarry this time I will definately be looking for more tests. Thanks for replying.

  • Hi Hellsbells11. Lovely to hear that you are pregnant again and I do hope all goes well this time. I was just wondering, that as you have been diagnosed with anti-phospholipids (sticky blood), should you be having Clexane etc again?? Just a thought. Diane

  • Yes I've been taking that this pregnancy again. If this pregnancy is sucessful then it's obviously the case that I need it to sustain a pregnancy. T definately worth taking the horrible injections if I get a lovely baby at the end of it. Scan on 26th so I'll let u know. Are you in a similar situation yourself?

  • Hi. That's good to know and I wish you every success with this pregnancy. No, I work for Infertility Network UK answering the medical bits. Diane

  • Just a quick update on my scan. Well.......its twins!!!! I'm in shock, they are in the same gest sac so they will be identical. All that worrying for nothing, 2 strong heartbeats flickering away. I need a bigger house, and car! Wishing us all healthy pregnancies.

  • That's amazing! Congratulations xx

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