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Hi I have been trying to get pregnant for quite some years now and by a miracle fell pregnant a week before my 30th birthday in December 2016,went for an early scan to see how far I was as my periods aren't normal,was told I was having twins there was two yolk sacs went back few weeks to hear heartbeat and there was only 1 baby although I was sad I knew this baby was a fighter,seeing my baby heartbeat gave me the biggest joy and happiness,to go back for another scan and found out my baby had no heartbeat was the saddest day my life,so heartbreaking felt so angry and numb 💔7weeks later found out I was pregnant again I was so shocked,scared and just last week at 7weeks pregnant i miscarried again 😢💔 I have no words,my world is crushed,soo heartbroken!I don't know anyone who has had a miscarriage never mind 2,all I do is blame myself! I just feel like I should give up?maybe I'm not meant to be a mother 💔

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Just wanted to say don't blame yourself! It's not your fault. Life can be very crule. Many of us girls on this forum, including myself have suffered miscarriage so we know how heartbreaking it is 😥

The truth is we'll probably never know exactly why it happens but don't give up!

Have you or your partner had any testing regarding fertility issues? Xxx


this is heartbreaking and no doubt still very raw. I lost twins at 12 weeks then had a second miscarriage at 6 weeks. Al I would say is never give up. You will get stronger and get through it. I'm now 41 and 13 weeks pregnant from my first IVF. Miracles do happen. Don't give up on your dreams!

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Many of us have had miscarriages. I had a chemical pregnancy many years ago and then I had a missed miscarriage after round two of ivf about two months ago, where like yourself, we saw the heartbeat at our first scan and it was gone on the next. It is devastating but you are not alone, you will find the support you need here xx


Oh I feel for you, life can be so unfair. Sadly miscarriages are quite common and there are prob a lot more ppl around u that have been through this than you realise. it doesn't mean you won't get there! I had 3 miscarriages plus an ectopic pregnancy before I conceived my daughter and her pregnancy was text book and completely straight forward in the end.

Lots of ppl on here have had similar experiences. don't give up if it's your dream! I know that doesn't make the hurt any less hard but there's loads of support here to help.

Have u had any tests done? It's great that u can actually get pregnant so that's a big positive. Maybe it's just horrible bad luck and nature taking care of pregnancies that weren't meant to be or maybe there's something making it difficult to sustain ur pregnancies?

Take care of yourself, you'll get through this with time and suppprt x


Oh this is just so cruel... completely understand the way you are feeling and blaming yourself for this. Please try not to as it's not your fault in any way. Miscarriages are so heartbreaking. I've been through four now and it doesn't get any easier and I've no idea why they keep happening, but I'll keep fighting until I become a mummy and I hope you can find the strength to as well.

Miscarriages are a lot more common than people realise but sadly it's only when you've been through them yourself and start to talk to people about them that you then get people opening up to you about their own experiences. It's a real shame that as a society we don't/can't talk about them more xxxxxx


Hi I have had 8 early and very early miscarriages but still conceived my baby naturally . She's a lovely 2 month old now! It can happen !


Have you had your thyroid tested ?


Hi babybear!

So sorry to hear of your loss, but I second what the other girls are saying. Push for further investigation also,

And I strongly agree with orangepie- have you had your thyroid tested?

It is thought to be one of the leading causes of 'unexplained' miscarriages in the western world now. Please ask your doctors for further tests when you are ready to move forward x


Please please be careful when replying to old posts as a lot of painful memories can be bought to the surface again


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