False clear blue 4 days early but felt different this month

For the past week I've felt strange period type cramps quite mild over the last fews days and Ive convinced myself I was pregnant so took an early clear blue four days early which came back negative so I was gutted. I've still got these strange cramps and I've had some brown discarge over the last 4/ 5 days and I'm praying this is implantation. I should be due to start period in two days but think I'll do another test tomorrow morning. Has anyone else done a clear blue and got negative when they were positive. ScarEd to do another test in case negative again ? Xxx

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  • Hey,

    Only advice I can give is that I've been told before clear blue tests aren't the best. First response are meant to be better and they'll detect a pregnancy from 6 days before your missed period. Could be worth buying these tests and testing again? Good luck! Xxx

  • I agree with Amanda, I was reading about the sensitivity of different tests and first response are the most sensitive.

    Good luck! Xxx

  • Thank you both for your feedback, af has showed herself today so looks like it's a bfn 😳xx

  • Sorry to hear this πŸ˜₯xxx

  • I'm just annoyed at myself for getting my hopes up but I suppose we have to keep the faith for our happy ending xxx

  • It's very hard not to and like you say we need to keep the faith. That's what keeps us going and gets us through 😊 xxx

  • Hi

    I did a pregnancy test on day13 post transfer last time, but the next day it was a negative. It was due to the hormone still being in my system. I think you can get false negatives and positives so best to test on actual test day. Oh and don't use the Asda branded tests as Its been in the paper recently that they were coming out as a false positive. Good luck x

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