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Positive the Negative?!

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Morning all,

I got my BFP last Saturday on three tests (one hospital one and two clear blue showing as 1-2 weeks). That was my official test day and I’d have been 4 weeks and 2 days.

I’ve tested again this morning with a clear blue and it’s coming up as ‘not pregnant’ - id be 5 weeks and 2 days today. I’ve had no bleeding and my clinics documents say if it didn’t work I’d have had my period this week.

The only difference is last week I peed in a cup and this morning was directly onto the test.

Freaking out having to wait until tomorrow to do another test, looking for some reassurance?

Laura xx

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Hi Laura. So sorry to hear this. This happened to me too in my last cycle. Have a read of my previous post titled 'devastated' xxx

Try using a first response early result test. You can use that any time of the day and they are more accurate than clear blue. Good luck xx

Hi Laura, so sorry to hear this. Test again this morning to be sure it wasn’t a faulty test but unfortunately it sounds like you’ve had a chemical pregnancy. I’ve had one too and know how devastating they can be when you’re so close and then it gets taken away from you. The meds that the clinic have you on can hold off your period so you don’t necessarily bleed when you otherwise would do. Sending hugs x

I’m so sorry to hear this. I had a miscarriage at 5 weeks (scan confirmation of this date) but only had miscarriage at 10 weeks and period started 6 weeks after this. Hope this helps xxx

So sorry to hear that. Have you done a blood test to confirm your result? Best of luck to you!!!

Thank you ladies, it was a chemical pregnancy 😞 I’m completely heartbroken and devastated. Weirdly, yesterday evening I came on (the same day I decided to do the test in the morning..) so we were kind of expecting it.

I had a slight bleed two days before I tested, and was told not to worry about it, but looking back now I think that was my miscarriage and the positive I got was a false with residual hormones.

A lot of tears this weekend xx

Aww it really is cruel and unfair and devastating. I've had 2 chemicals and a missed miscarriage and it is heartbreaking 💔 please know it was nothing you did or could have done. Take time to heal missy. When you are ready to try again have a look into getting an ERA done to check the timing of transfer. I needed 12 hours extra progesterone before transferring again. It's a while off but when you are ready it may help. Xx

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