No heartbeat at 7 weeks

So - bad news today. We have no heartbeat in our embryo. We were told that the development was that of a 5 week embryo. We are obviously devastated. What hurts more is that we were advised to replace only one embryo based on the fact that it was a 5AA hatching blastocyst grading.

Has anyone had a similar experience? What would cause this absence in fetal development at 5 weeks? I am due to go to the Early pregnancy unit for post management of the embryo. I feel so emotionally drained and just wish I knew what I could do to make the next steps more successful.


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  • Really feel your pain!!! I'm so sorry this must have been so heartwrenching for you both. I have just had a positive test after a grade 4aa balstocyst that I was also really pushed and advised to also only have one embryo out back to my dissappointment.

    After the positive test for a week before test date and my official test date.... it then all went wrong and turned out to be a chemical pregnancy and I went to my doctors to confirm my suspicions with two blood tests. I knew things were not right and I'm so glad I went to my doctors because my clinic just kept saying it will be fine and still booked my scan date. I didn't want to wait that long. Things didn't feel right.

    I don't know where we go from here or if this I likely to happen again? Was it just unlucky??? Who knows I wish I knew. Were your clinic helpful & understanding when you realised at the scan appointment. So sorry to you x x x

  • They have been great and very reassuring. I just wish I had known in advance that getting to egg transfer and implantation is just the beginning and there are more hurdles ahead I should have been aware of.

  • I'm so sorry to read this Hun. I know how much it sucks. This happened to me at five weeks to. No idea why. Just something that happened. The epu will good care to make sure you are not in any danger. And what action is needed to help remove it. I know that sounds awful. Take care sweetie. Here if you need to chat. Lots and lots of love. Xx

  • So sorry to read this hun I don't think there will be a reason which is one of the most frustrating things when anything like this happens as you want to know why , sending lots of love in this hard time xxx

  • Sorry to hear this, it happened to me a six weeks. I was also told it is just one of those things. They did say that it at least showed you can get a positive result and there is no reason it should happen again.

  • sad for the news for this time. No one tells the reason why it happens. I asked my doctor in review appointment if anything they could point for the failure but they say medical research is not quite advance to know what happens inside womb when embie is transferred back in. They say we can only assist your body to respond positively for embie and it just happens or not happens in most of the times, and then yes clinic could only help you getting on to it again, given your circumstances, until a successful result. I feel that its like a black-hole you see nothing, you know nothing, and you are in bubble of hope praying for it to happen... Thats how I recall it until now that I am waiting for next FET. NHS policy is for only one embie put back in for doctor says we cant go for more than one, it would've risks for premature delivery or health of embie as well,if it chooses to grow. Nurse said to me its an ongoing try and pray situation if you could get two put back in and in case it doesnt go well then you are loosing two embies. well, given this all situation I simply say nothing and stare the sky how it sees other's get something so very easily and we are trying that hard.

    xx love to all for being here with me I feel I am not alone xx

  • Oh hun I just read your posts, I'm so sorry for what you are going through, it's so unfair & my heart goes out to you. xxx

  • So sorry xxx

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