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Heartbeat seen at 7 week scan


We had a 4bc embryo frozen in Cyprus from our cycle aug of last year, after 2 losses with the previous transfers we decided to have a very last go on our last embryo as I’m 45 and feel time is running out ! Glad we did as we had our viability scan on Thursday and there is was a beautiful heartbeat 💗. I’m praying that we get to 12 weeks this time , so very anxious time but feeling positive 🙏

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Fantastic news! Congratulations xx

That is wonderful news,I'm so pleased for you,it's only natural to feel anxious everything you have bee through but try and enjoy every moment ❤ xx

I’m trying! Thanks xx

Congratulations! 🤗

Wonderful news. Congratulations xxx

Lovely news! So pleased for you!xxx

Lovely news!! Xx

Lovely news, congratulations xx

Awww congratulations! I think it’s impossible not to feel really anxious after previous losses lovely. Wishing you the best for the rest of your pregnancy xxxxx

Thank you , I’m feeling pretty sick at the moment so as long as I’m feeling this way I feel positive xx

Brilliant news. Congratulations xx

Congratulations 🥰 xx

Wonderful news!!!

Congratulations xx

Wishing you all the best over the next few weeks, I know it's such a nerve-wracking time.


Thanks I’m a bag of nerves as not out of the woods yet 😘

I completely understand after the previous losses. The gap between 7 and 12 weeks is interminable xx

Thanks, Thinking of getting a scan around 10 or 11 weeks as the 12 week scan holds fear for me x

That’s great news xx how was the treatment in Cyprus xx

Can’t fault the treatment in Cyprus , if you want any info I’m happy to inbox you x

Great news. Congratulations Lollypop74

Congratulations God bless you

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