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Every step went great ...every phone call after nerves and stress was positive .... Like there was someone holding our hand .and clearing road in front of us. We managed weather distance time money and had great relationship through every day .. Ate well didn't drink .. 4 days ago had great phone call thinking it might be end of pain... Seen our positive tests at home... line getting darker each day ... Then it was smashed in a bits in next couple days bleeding and being told there's nothing that can be done knowing that one or two of our implanted embryos is dying slowly ...just now I wish there was not tomorrow xx :((

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There is always a tomorrow... I been through the same with iui...bit both my first and second scan (which I had today) showed nothing but an empty sac. I am heartbroken and down....but I'm not out... Yes I will wake up tomorrow and feel hurt n empty but it's also a day closer to starting again. Please stay strong and know ur not alone xx


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