Brave or stupid?

So, we had our day 3 phone call this morning and we're letting our fighters go for longer - with the option to transfer on day 4. I'm happy they might be strong enough but also scared as hell they might not be and I've made a mistake. The embryologist just couldn't differentiate between our top two fighters which are both grade 2 and said there would be a better idea of which was stronger tomorrow. They wouldn't transfer both today because of the high risk of multiple birth so it seemed sensible to be brave and give them a chance to fight for a while longer.

This is such a stressful few days but I've got everything crossed for that call tomorrow!! ❀️

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  • Finger crossed xx

  • Thanks Aga xx

  • Everything crossed! x

  • Thanks Emu xx

  • Definitely not stupid! Hope you get good news tomorrow and they both continue to fight. Xx

  • Aww, thanks MrsB xx

  • Xxxx fingers crossed xxxx

  • Thanks Jaky xx

  • Sounds like you've made the correct choice wishing you all the best for tomorrow xxx

  • Thanks nmill xx

  • If you read the science behind it letting them go to day 4 or ideally 5 to blastocysts stage they have a higher chancs of implanting. I'm in favour of getting good odds rather than clinic transferring earlier which could lead to false hope for embryos which would be not make it in the first place left to own devices.

    All the best xx

  • Thanks Buffy21, funnily enough I have read all the science and thought I was ok with it all but I just want prepared for the emotions involved in the decision when it came to it - I became incredibly protective of those little embies 😊 After this post I spent the rest of the afternoon reading lots more really useful and interesting articles specifically about day 4 embryos/ transfers so logic could be restored and I felt much better again πŸ˜‹ xx

  • Thats good. Sorry if i came across all scientific. Its just i didnt really get it at first with the difference between day 2 or 3 embryo transfrer versus day 5 blastocyst transfer. I just got a bit annoyed when I read all the data as it feels like some clinics could offer false hope by transferring early which I think is really unfair. Its like if they are inside of us and fail to implant we'd blame ourselves as supposed to if they fail before implantation at least we can't think it's something that went wrong inside of us. Its a difficult concept. I know we should not blame ourselves regardless I just know I would as I always turn it against myself when things go wrong.

    Im sure yours will be little fighters. πŸ€žπŸ€xxx

  • Don't be silly, I appreciated the reality check. I'm normally a very logical 'science first' person but it went out of the window yesterday. Luckily our fighters made it to today which was a huge relief and we had a double transfer this morning... So now the 2ww craziness begins 😊 xx

  • Fantastic news. So pleased for you πŸ’•πŸ‘Œxx

  • Fingers crossed ...good luck xxx

  • Good luck with the call! I was in your position a couple of weeks ago and we made the best decision to leave them a little longer - wishing you all the very best x

  • Thanks Linda xx

  • Defo the right decision!!! I waited five days the extra two were hell, thinking what if we don't get a shot this time, but they can then tell as time goes on which are more likely to make it.. I see it as if none made it that's less traumatic than getting the negative after a 2 week wait!!

    Best of luck, my wait was worth it and I got a BFP!!! X

  • Thanks girl15, that's exactly what I was telling myself after I'd stopped freaking out 😬

    Hope your pregnancy goes smoothly ❀️ xx

  • Best wishes! xx

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