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Hi ladies just had a phone call from the hospital who told me none of my eggs are good enough to freeze. I had a transfer on sat with 2 good quality eggs which left me with 11 eggs left but unfortunately these eggs didn't develop. I'm really upset due to the fact I had 20 eggs in total so I was praying I'd have some to freeze I wasn't expecting the worse I was thinking postive all the way it's just hit me with a bang.

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It's so difficult when you are trying to stay positive dealing with the roller coaster of events :-(

We had 12 eggs collected, 10 were of quality to do ICSI, 4 fertilised.

1 transferred, 1 frozen and the other 2 didn't get to freezing criteria.

It is heartbreaking with everything you go through, but what you have to think is... you only need one stubborn embryo to stick and it really is the survival of the fittest. The ones they picked were the best ones and as they said the best ones that day...take some hope from that and look after yourself x

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Yeah I know hun don't stop the pain tho. I'm trying my best to stay postive as I did have the best egg that day it's the only thing keeping me smiling to be honest. I just want this so badly I don't know if I can handle a negative result again. Thanks for your support x


It is difficult dealing with all of this but on a positive note, you have had an embryo transfer and I hope it is successful. Like hollibob says, you only need one good one. It is hard going through this roller coaster but I hope it works out for you. Good luck xx


Thanks Dee22 I'm postive my embryo will work this time round as it was of good quality. Ya right it's a roller coaster ride and this 2ww is driving me crazy you don't know what to do for best. X


Hiya, I know it's hard but try and forget about the other eggs. The exact same happened to me I had two transferred and the rest were no good to freeze and now I'm 22 weeks pregnant with Twins. Wishing you all the best and I have everything crossed for you x


Thanks sarah8384 I'm trying to stay postive and it's nice to hear other people have been in the same boat. Congratulations x


I know how you feel! I had 13 eggs collected and 2 5 day blastocysts transferred on Saturday. The embryologist said she thought there were 4 others that we would be able to freeze but I rang yesterday and none could be frozen. We were disappointed but the way I look at it is that I didn't want to risk going through the FET medication to find out at the last minute that none of them thawed. We had a FET cycle last year as I developed OHSS after EC. Out of 26 eggs, 14 were frozen but only 2 thawed and could be used. I just feel that the the thawing process is an even greater hurdle to get over than a fresh cycle.

It's easy to worry about the future but try and concentrate on looking after yourself during the 2WW. It's hard enough without putting extra stresses on yourself. How have you been feeling? I'm over analysing everything! xx


Hi scribble 1603 it is disappointing I understand we both in the same boat. I'm doing the same analysing every twinge I've not slept the past two night been having some weird dreams. Today I've woke up with a massive headache and stomach pain not sure if my period is coming I'm praying it don't. It's hard as all my cycles haven't been the same so can't even compare symptoms.

How are u coping with the 2wks wait.

My test day is next Fri seems so far away x


I've had a couple of bad nights too and have managed to catch my husbands man flu as well which doesn't help!! Our first cycle ended in a miscarriage but I can't remember at all how I felt during the 2WW last time which seems ridiculous!!! I think I'm just being impatient and hoping to experience pregnancy symptoms when it's just too early. We test on Tues. I'm off work this week but trying to keep busy to distract myself. Keep in touch xx


Hey hun it's very strange how we don't remember. My hubby ad man flu I was lucky didn't catch it. I'm out today as I've been stuck in for 4 days it's driving me crazy. I'm just going for a nice walk then lunch with my mum to try keep my mind straight. My last cycle ended up in a miscarriage at 8 wks left me heartbroken I'm trying to think postive but with these stomach pains it's hard to do.

Good luck with your test keep me posted takecare Xx


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