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heartbroken again


in a state of shock - i approached this cycle so differently & was in such a good place. we keep thinking it must be a mistake.

grief stricken as we'd both been talking to our embryos every day and now we have to say goodbye.

angry that two people who love each other intensely & have so much to offer a little one have been dealt this cruel blow, again.

i'm 13dp5dt and hospital set OTD at day 16, so i'll still have to continue with all the bloody needles & pessaries until wednesday.

don't know what to do with myself.

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So sorry Hun. absolutely feel your pain, big hugs xxx

I am so so sorry... it is such a cruel journey... just wanted to say I am thinking of you xxxx

So sorry 😢 Look after yourselves. It's such a hard journey. Hope you will see brighter days soon xxx

I am so sorry this has happened. I am sending you big hugs, stay strong and take some time. Can I ask why the clinic want you to continue with meds, they must think there is still a chance it has worked?xxx

clinic set OTD as day 16 which seems so long - maybe to rule out false negatives?

I'm really sorry to read your post. It's so soul destroying when you have tried so hard. It's incredibly unfair when you have so much love to give and such a strong relationship. We are in the same boat. Today will be horrible so just do what you need to do - last Sunday I didn't get out of my pjs all day. The anger arrived during the week but that was probably a survival mechanism. The only positive from the whole week was that I have never felt more loved and cherished by my hubby. It's not a substitute for a child but it is a bloody good start for coming to terms with grief. It sounds as though your hubby is just as wonderful so hold onto your love for each other. That is something that can't be stripped away from you. Sending you the biggest hug. If you want to chat, do pm me. I'm only a week further down the path so am happy to track back and hold your hand. Vic Xxx

-noodles- in reply to _MrsC

thank you for your beautiful words - they mean so much xxx

So sorry to read this. Life is a shit sometimes. Feel for you. Be kind to yourself and take care xxx

I am sorry xx

thank you for all your words of support - it's amazing we are strangers & yet we get so much comfort from each other.

before i woke up this morning i dreamt we'd just tested & i was 2-3 weeks, one of those really vivid dreams - don't our minds play cruel tricks on us?

sending positive vibes to all you superheroes ✨✨✨✨✨

aww. I hope the dream was a premonition for one day In the future hun 🙏 don't give up. ❤


So sorry negatives are rubbish, sending you huge hugs, look after your self x

So sorry to hear this. Xxx

So sorry to read your post, this is such a cruel journey and the anger your feeling is totally understandable. I've been in the same boat of having to continue medication and it completely messes with your head that bit more. Look after each today and just do what you need to do xx

So sorry to hear this. Big hugs x

Oh no hunny. I am so so sorry I totally feel your pain. Allow yourself this time to grieve.we were the exact same as you and questioned the very same. It took me a while since our 2nd bfn in March and there were down days but you WILL get through this and soon you will make a plan for what's next and what is best for you both. We are always here to help and support you on here. Huge hugs xxxx

I'm so sorry no words can make it better. I'm thinking of you xx

So sorry noodles!💔xx

I'm so sorry noodles. The pain of all this is so unbearable.sending hugs to you.

So sorry. It's so hard. We all know how you feel xx


So sorry to hear this xxx

Heartbreaking...I am so sorry for you. You are amazing and gave your embryos the very best chance possible. I am thinking of you both and sending much love xx

I'm so sorry. Life just isn't fair. I feel the same that why can't me and my husband who love each other and have been together for 13 years have the one thing we have always wanted. I am currently in the 2WW and we have both been taking to the embryo too. I'm scared but hopeful.

Be kind to yourself. Try get away for a few days or something if that's possible. We are all strong and you can get through this and will have your little miracle one day. If we didn't all believe that we wouldn't be going through this. Xx

-noodles- in reply to Bluebelle1

thank you for your lovely words - this forum reminds us although it feels like it, we are not alone in the world.

Oh noodles I'm so sorry to read this. I've been thinking about you and I'm so sorry you have this pain and grief to cope with. It's such a desperately cruel journey. I hope you get through this surrounded by love and support xx

-noodles- in reply to krw345

thank you sweets. how are you getting on? x

So sorry hunny thinking of you ❤️


I'm so sorry to hear this, Noodles. Xx

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