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Menopur - cramps & pain in ovaries

Hi all - I am new here. I've had a bit of a bad time on Menopur...I was initially on 3 vials & on the day before my first scan at 7 days - I was finding it hard to walk around & was shuffling about. On my scan day (yesterday) they increased my dosage to 4 vials & again I am feeling sore & weighed down. I've taken a sick day off work today & feeling very guilty :( but I'm also having lower back pain & stomach pain.

I feel very uncomfortable but it's worse when I walk around. Anyone else experienced or experiencing anything similar?

By the way good luck to you all!!

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Oh bless you. Hope it wont be much longer that you have to keep taking the menopur and get some relief from it. Don't feel guilty about taking a day off sick..sounds like you needed to. It good to Put yourself first esp during IVF I think and you have struggled through the last 7 days.

I have today just done my 1st Menopur injection (1st IVF cycle also) which like you is the 3 vials. Tonight I am experiencing pain, esp my left lower side. I'm telling myself that surely it can't start affecting me that quickly and it prob just my usual endo pains. Or can it? Such a roller coaster isn't it.

Sorry I can't help you much. Wish you all the best for your IVF and hope the symptoms ease soon for you. x


Hi Squidgy,

Thanks for replying :-)

I feel much better for taking today off. I was feeling a bit stressed & cramps, now I feel a bit better. Not much cramping at the moment.

I think the Menopur takes an hour to start working so yes your pain on lower left could indeed be the Menopur working & follicles being created! I had pain not so long after my first Menopur shot too if that helps.

I have my 2nd scan tomorrow - when are you booked in for your scan? I hope you don't mind me asking.



Hi Nystercia,

Glad you started to feel a bit better and the cramps eased. Hope today has been better for the pains. Cheers for your info and guidance. Much appreciated. I was warned that it makes ovaries grow bigger and would cause me pain due to my endo being attached to them and sticking one of them to other organs. So I was expecting it just didn't realise be that quick! Don't know how I'll cope without a hot water bottle once egg transfer done as it part of my daily lifeline! Hoping I dont feel too rough being on this as due to see Dara O'Briain on Wednesday night and don't want to miss that!

Did you suffer from any bad nausea? I suffer with nausea anyway, esp during ovulation so am worried that being on a major ovulation stimulation will make my terrible nausea horrendous!

Hope your 2nd scan has gone well and you are nearer to egg collection.

My 1st scan for being on Menopur is next Thursday. Hopefully my body will be behaving as it wasn't with the Buserlin and I had an extra week of down reg before I could start the menopur. Mind you saying that I think most hopes are being pinned onto my right ovary as that has the best limited access compared to the left which has very limited access.

Once again thanks and good luck x

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Hi Squidgy,

I'm feeling a lot better & nopes no nausea - thankfully!

I had my second scan & it all seems ok. The follicles are growing & there's a lot more of them, I'm not getting hung up with numbers or size - whatever will be will be. I have a 3rd scan Monday & the doc said hopefully egg collection on Wednesday. Fingers crossed.

I hope you are taking well to the Menopur. I've been told by the nurse the ovaries are the size of walnuts & with the Menopur they will hopefully grow to the size of fists! So yes there will be some ache around that area - indicating the Menopur is working & the ovaries are growing!

Good luck with your first scan !! xxx


Glad to hear you are feeling a lot better. May that continue for you. Hope your scan today gone ok and still on course for egg collection on Wednesday. Fab to hear that your body is responding well to the menopur and producing follicles.

I'm doing better so far than thought would be on the Menopur, 5 days in on it. Nausea is there but not horrendous and got the abdominal pains. Still getting the headaches from the Burselin as well tho. But hopefully will get to see Dara O'Briain on Weds night before scan on Thursday. Got fingers and everything else crossed as it was a christmas prezzy from my husband.

hugs x


Hi Squidgy!

How are you feeling today? Will you be going to see Dara O'Brian tonight?

Im glad the nausea isn't so bad and remember you are allowed to take paracetamol - maybe that will help with headaches.

My 2nd scan didn't go too well, I was told I need to continue taking the Menopur, & have a scan in another 2 days (Wednesday). I was told the biggest follicle was 16 & 1/2mm & they need to be at least 17mm. Therefore egg collection was postponed - I did feel a little gutted - but oh well!

Well I had my 3rd scan today & the consultant said things couldn't be any better! Well im cool about that & not too hung up on numbers. I'm glad that I'm having my egg collection on Friday at last!

So we'll see how that goes!


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