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So I went for my first scan on Monday after 5 days of injecting 100UI of gonal f, at the scan they basically said my ovaries had not reacted at all so to increase the dose to 150UI. I was still feeling positive so increased my dose and went back for my second scan today however I had the same result but they are not wanting to increase my dosage any further as I have very high AMH levels so if nothing changes by Friday I will have to stop and restart the full process again. Is there any tips or ideas to help things along? The other thing is the lining of my womb doesn't seem to be thickening. X

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Seems your body is sleeping! I'm a non responder to the drugs. It took a lot of gonal f to get any response. Don't lose hope. It's all a learning process.


Hi, I have no tips but sometimes it takes a while to find the best dose for you. I had 2 dose increases. Good luck, I hope you are responding to the increased dose x


I'm also a late responder and was told the same thing but on that cycle they still managed to get some eggs and 4 fertilised. Don't give up hope yet



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