9 days in with stims not much change :(

Hi ladies, I'm on my first ever cycle of ivf and am now on day 9 of taking menopur. I went for a scan on Wednesday and they said that I had quite a few follicles on each side but the ones I've got weren't progressing like they'd hoped at that stage. They upped my dose from 150 (which I gather is one of the lowest doses) to 175, so not much but they were hoping to give a bit of a boost. I went back this morning and still no change. The biggest follicle is around 12mm I think. Most are around the 5-7mm mark. So now they have upped my dose again to 250 and will see me again Monday. They said if things still haven't progressed they may have to abandon. I feel so disappointed as I just assumed things were going ok Wednesday. I wonder why they didn't up the dose more then?? Do you think it's possible for the follicles to get to where they need to be by Monday?? Also we are being funded by NHS so wondering if they don't go ahead with EC if this counts as I cycle? I'm assuming it does :(

Also they said my lining thickness has decreased which they don't want to see but could be because of drug I'm taking in the morning to stop ovulation.

So overall I feel really deflated and not positive like I had been feeling all week. Thanks in advance for your advice. Xx

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  • Hi Bluebelle1. Such an upset for you, but they won't give you too much extra stimulation too quickly as you have lots of follicles, and can't risk over stimulation. Fingers crossed for Monday's scan, and let's hope you will be ready for your trigger shot. Thinking of you. Diane

  • Yes they did say that was a risk. So I'm just hoping they wait it out until I have some good sized follicles. I think it was just the brief mention that they may abandon if things don't improve that's got me down. Fingers crossed they get a big boost over the weekend 🀞🏻😊

  • Hi Bluebelle1. Indeed! Make sure you drink plenty of water to protect yourself - just in case. Good luck! Diane

  • hi bluebelle. Try not to worry too much. Anything can happen in a short space of time. My ovaries were slow to respond. I did everything recommended. Took protein shakes, avocado, milk, eggs and today they got 4 eggs. Try not to lose hope. Best wishes xx

  • Thanks Louise. I'm currently sat on the train home munching on an egg and avocado protein pot from pret! Fingers crossed the next few days the increase in menopur helps!!! That's great you had EC today and got 4. How long were you on stims for? I'm wondering if they will give it until next weds which would be 14 days for me? Fingers crossed for you!!! Xx

  • keep up the protein and hot water bottle good too. I was stimming for 14 days until the final one which is a larger dose taken just before your trigger injection. As I say, anything can happen. I started on 225 of gonal f and when that wasn't working increased to 375 then finally 450. This isn't a numbers game but always quality over quantity. Best of luck, keep us posted!xx

  • Hot water bottle too.

    Our NHS clinic said if stimulation didn't go well and we abandoned we could pay for the drugs to that part and it wouldn't count as a nhs cycle. They said drugs would be about Β£1000 for us. I was stimming for 14 days total and they get a bit of a growth spurt with the trigger injection.

    Good luck x

  • Thanks Emma. That's good to know hopefully they will give us the option. Hoping they don't give up on me too soon. I'm starting to feel more positive already. Thanks so much Xx

  • Hi Bluebelle1

    I wanted to comment and tell you my story because I was exactly the same as you.

    My first round I had my day 9 scan and was the same as you on 150 gonal f and none of my follicles had really moved, I suffer with pcos which is why I had been given the lower dose so I didn't ohss, I only had one follicle that was showing any sign of movement in growth the upped me to 225 and I went bk for another sca 2 days later and that 1 had grown more with a few more in tow, so they upped my dose again to 300 for one day and then re scared me but I only had that 1 which was at the right size. So they decided to terminate that cycle, I was a mess as I thought that's it as I too was on the NHS and thought I'd lost a go, but because the clinic mucked up the dose it wasn't counted as a go, so once I had a chat I was glad they abandoned the cycle because they would have only got one follicle which may not have an egg in anyway. So we started again two months later and this time I was scanned earlier on day 6, the same thing was happening so they upped me re scan 3 days later and I was ready for EC and they got 17 eggs out on me this time, yours may to a turn around and you may have a better response by your next scan. but I just wanted you to know is if they do terminate then don't worry as you would rather get full quality decent follicles than small amount that aren't good quality.

    Try a hot water bottle that helped me. I have everything crossed for you lovely, and I'm so sorry for the essay lol


  • Thank you so much for your reply. Wow 17 eggs is amazing! So things can really change in a few days! Reasssuring to know it's not counted as a go on the NHS if they cancel though and the clinic confirmed this with me when they called on Friday. They said if it's cancelled before EC. Then they can start again and our funding isn't used for any of the treatment up until now. Which because this protocol isn't really working for me at least they know now and can adjust it accordingly. Trial and error I suppose?! Also the cetrotide injection which I am taking every morning is what is causing my lining to thin so they would give me something to counteract this next time as well I guess! Thanks again! Xxx

  • Yes I was on the short protocol the first time when it was terminated but the second time when I got the 17 eggs I was out on the long protocol so I was taken off cetrotide and I was put on bruserlin which I responded to better.

    Fingers crossed for you xxxx

  • I too had a monitoring scan and they upped the dose but the next scan showed no remarkable change so they decided to not up the dose more. They gave us two more days.. they talked me through the financial and other implications of cancelled cycle (private). I was devastated. But I upped my protein intake, drank lots of milk and put on heat on my follies and they nearly doubled in size in 48 hours!! I've no idea if my home remedies actually helped but it made me feel better, the feeling like I was doing something. So miracles do happen although there's no guarantee, so it's not game over yet, I wish you the very best for Monday and your follies a big growth spur!! Comforting hug xoxo

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