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Decision time

Hi everyone .. After another wait we got phone call that 2 of 3 fertilized nicely .. One didn't survive injection. Now we were to decide if go to put two of them back in tomorrow .. Coz they can't see what one would be better quality yet .. But there's risk of twins .. Or wait til morning when they will see if there's one better one and do transfer afternoon or keep two of them until Saturday morning x we want to do what's best and what will save both as that's only two we got .... X what's your opinion

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That's a tough one. . When I was at that stage I had decided 2 if they were 3 day transfers. However I got the option of 2 5 days blasts due to my age (37) and vv low odds of getting that far. The decision through me as I was literally in the room waiting for the transfer when he asked ( previously the clinic said only one was policy). What decided it for me was when he did the miscarriage risk was 1 in 6 but doubled if you had twins. . Not saying that would happen... also for me I had had previous back b problems and high blood pressure again things made worse by twins. As is turned out we opted for one and had one frozen.

Good luck whichever you decide. ..


Hi we just had the same dilema. We went with 2 on a 2day transfer. Speak to the embryologist & ask about what grade they are, the higher the grade the more chance they will survive to day 5 but there is never a guarantee & as we had the choice of a 2 day transfer on a Friday or wait till Monday & risk having none so that's why we chose the friday & to have both back as it was hard for them to say which was better. Good luck x


I asked what would be the best she said wait coz they look good x I asked then if there's chance that if I wait til Saturday I will end up with none she said no x


Really don't want two of them put back coz that chance of miscarriage is scary wouldnt mind twins but wouldnt like to lose both same time x I think maybe if they nice and cosy in incubator leave them there and put back blastocyst x

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I would go with that and maybe freeze one? Good luck, let us know. Can I ask why did your egg sharer get more?


It was recipient who got more that's the rules x if a had only 7 I would have to decide even to keep them all or give them all away and next cycle would be free for me .. But see whatever number over 8 u got bigger number going to recipient x


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